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  1. NeutralKing

    DOTA Bros 10

    I made another 1 anyone got predictions for the battle pass TI6 stuff? I did not do my homework
  2. Recently got a 4.2k Ranked PA Rampage Its very clutch and awesome and i hope u guys like it. I cut it with my friend amanda singing, so theres that too. I hope u guys r doing well. Also whats up with the 10+ stickies? seems excessive.. -DillonTheLion
  3. Me and my buddy dunk in Overthrow, a custom game in Dota 2 Reborn. Vengeful Spirt + Bristleback top tier combo?
  4. I actually really got it TI 5 HYPE!!!!!
  5. NeutralKing

    Sunstrike MLG Sniper

    Dropping Sunstrikes on Meepos Hope u like it
  6. NeutralKing

    Season 3 HARDCORE Hellfire Amulet T6

    A nice run and a nice amulet