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  1. So what are you're thoughts? Anyone going?
  2. Nothing serious yet but the way I see it is this is a great time to start maybe something great. New game, New Team, nothign really to set anyone back and a great chance to learn the game together as a group of people. Anybody want to try and start a team of 4 here as a community and just scrim together maybe some gbs and such but really get to know each other and perhaps go from there? I want to team but dont want to go through to much bs in getting on a team and dropping everyone after one bad game. Is anybody else interested in this idea? Put your ideas below and lets get something together here because Honestly I would like to see vVv back in the pro scene.
  3. that sucks but i would have liked to go. They need more east coast lans imo
  4. Dont bother til aw comes out and you have a fair chance. starting this ate is just going to frustrate you.
  5. add vvv waldy and we will play sometime
  6. Again thanks for the help and offers. Much appreciated
  7. Just any tips about the one, differences between the 360 and the one, CoD different in what ways, etc. Just any advice you got for me is much appreciated.
  8. There a couple I know about and wanted to know if vVv will be at any of them. If I had the squad I would love to rep vVv at ETG 6 in NY. But is anyone repping them at AEL or MLG Anaheim?
  9. This is just a flat out frustrating game to play. I believe this game would be a lot better if they did not make very single weapon in this game op. I have never seen a call of duty where it took one bullet to kill me other then either a shotgun or sniper. I have such a horrible time playing it whether it be pubs, comp, or one of its other horrible game modes. It's like im playing hardcore in core anything. I cannot wait for the next cod. Please Sledgehammer save us all.
  10. vVv needs a scuf or a cinch or something i think...
  11. Ok Kinda of a rant but im open to share opinions. As I am begining to realize that I am getting bored of this CoD I don't think I could ever be more disappointed. I have tried and tried countless times to try and enjoy this game while playing it but it never ceases to let me down. Maybe because its just the competitive side of things and I would have more fun pubstomiping but every time I go to CvC or something I want to rip my hair out because of the BS I watch. This time last year I still loved and enjoyed Blops2 and was really enjoying comp and just the whole game in general. I really hope this does not continue with all IW games but Sledgehammer better be my lord and savior for this next CoD or I might call it quits.I have decided imo this goes 2nd worst Call of Duty on my list right before MW3 being the worst. What are your thoughts on Ghosts this time of the year???
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