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  1. How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

  2. iHonkey

    Grits Resignation

    Hello vVv! I am currently at a time in my life where I am simply unable to contribute to vVv as much as I would like. With saying that, I believe it is time to turn in my V's as I take a step back and really figure out what is next for me. You all have given me a wonderful community, and I feel blessed to have met so many amazing people who share a true passion for gaming. The past year has helped me improve my abilties as a player, given me an inside look into what e-sports is really about, and gave me a group of friends to share my first PAX adventure with. By no means do I plan on vanishing, and I will still be checking in to mumble to catch up and play league and GW2! After things have settled down, my hope is that I am able to come back and really contribute great content to vVv as it makes its way back to the top. Best wishes to you all, and see you again soon! - Blake
  3. iHonkey

    SMITE Application: KillShift

    So as a newer Smite player, I'm interested if there are any ways we could possibly introduce new players to veterans in the community. Is it possible to do a full 10-man inhouse? Doing 5s with high ranked vets can make it difficult to learn the game.
  4. iHonkey

    [FFXIV] 3.0 Benchmark trailer

    Honestly FFXIV is the one MMO where I actually do get that sense of immersion. Progression is a big part of the game for me, but that's because I enjoy raiding over all other types of content. The gear is just an added bonus. This is the first mmo in a looooong time where the community made the game for me. I'm not sure how your server is, but Gilgamesh is always active and thriving, really giving me the feel of a real world. I can go to Mor Dhona and hang around popular names like Hardware Hank while trying to catch the hidden NPCs at the rooftop cafe, or maybe go to Limsa Lominsa and sit in the adventurer's guild, listening to the RPers and chatting with my own friends. I think my choice of free company also made a huge difference. I play with a decent sized guild, with people who are active, positive, and generally fun to be around. We aren't as big as others like DnT, Collision, etc. but we are dedicated and want to play the game to the fullest. We know the expansion is adding 10x more depth than what we have now, and we have started funds to build airships asap. Not only does it keep us excited for future content, but it gives us a goal to reach during this slow time before Heavensward. Which brings me to a kind-of-sort-of answer to the rant. I can't guarantee that the expansion will completely change the way RAID PROGRESSION works, but I can guarantee that it will change how the world feels. In one expansion, we are going from filler content of treasure maps and card games, to exploring literal uncharted lands floating in the sky. Between the story, which has already been clocked in at over 40 hours, the new alexander raid with new mechanics and loot system to help with the rng problems, crafting specializations, and what seems to be an exciting free company airship exploration system that results in finding treasure or stumbling upon giant monsters, FFXIV is taking a huge step to make the world seem as immersive as possible. In the end I think if you only play the game for raids, there will be times where there is no reason to play more than once a week, but at the same time, I think there is soooo much more in the game waiting to be discovered. Me personally, I suggest transferring to Gilgamesh and joining our guild ;D. We have really made a nice community thats made the game enjoyable in this dull wait before expansion. Also, im calling it now. Equipment will be more complex this expansion. I am almost positive we will at least see elemental damage come back into the game, which will open up opportunities for different gear sets and bring alchemy and elemental ward potions back into relevancy. I believe this is also why Yoshi just announced a rework of both caster classes. Summoner will be adjusted to work with both full damage or spell speed builds, where as BLM will probably have to account for elemental damage in combat now.
  5. iHonkey

    Away 4/24 - 4/26

    Hi all! I will be out of town starting either tomorrow or Friday and will be back early next week. I am heading back to my college campus for my first class reunion, and will be staying to celebrate my 23rd birthday with friends. See you all again soon!
  6. Don't forget they are also releasing "Life is Strange" soon. I'm honestly surprised they are announcing yet another new titles already. inb4 star ocean, tomb raider, batman, or final fantasy XIII sequel Lol...XIII Part 4...could you imagine?
  7. I. CANT. EVEN. Everything I knew in this game is a lie.
  8. Give me gil and I will help you clear! >
  9. iHonkey

    Chroma Packs Anyone?

    I second the pink skins! But yea, I don't have much interest spending RP on these. Definitely interested in the idea of associating them with mastery, or possibly split the rewards between mastery and pure IP.
  10. iHonkey

    SMITE Pro's Account Sharing Scandal! (Temp Banned #Bye)

    Heck, I think it should be harsher just after the second or third offense. Everything up until the fourth is basically a slap on the wrist.
  11. Hey everyone! So since we don't know how Square will be doing their gear progression after expansion, in order to make sure we progress quickly, I suggest getting as much Dreadwyrm gear as possible. Dreadwyrm is obtained via the final four turns of Bahamuts coil aka Final Coil. There are several websites with lists showing where your class specific gear drops. If you finished your relic and have your Zeta, you do not need the dreadwyrm weapon from T13, however you may need 1 body piece. T10-T12 are all now easily puggable once you have a basic understanding of the mechanics. T13 is only unmanageable for most pugs because of the massive damage dished out. If you are not used to raiding in FFXIV, I suggest waiting on future nerfs before farming, as Final Coil is still incredibly unforgiving compared to all other content. Final Coil: Turn 10 Imdugud Final Coil: Turn 11 Kaliya Final Coil: Turn 12 Phoenix Final Coil: Turn 13 Bahamut
  12. [spot saved for the video when it is released] Full video to be released April 11! Feel free to discuss it here! I hope we get some elaboration on the new continent, the new classes, and just an all around great cinematic!
  13. I have loved Bard since release, but I do agree something needs to be done. Sadly, I'm not sure if the upcoming buffs from PBE will help much. The problem seems to be in the kit itself. Every skill, including a well-placed R, seems perfect for a team that is ahead and wants a strong and strategic initiation; whether it's giving massive speed boosts through item actives and W, using journey a mile away to flank the enemy, or be annoying as hell with the late game Q spam + meep passive. When it comes to helping his team get ahead however, his kit doesn't seem to help...at all. The most obvious problem is his passive forcing him to roam, meaning either the ADC is left alone for a large portion of laning phase, or miss out on chimes, extending the time it takes to hit his power spikes (25, 45, and 85 chimes). If you choose to even gank lanes while roaming, you only have a slow-moving skillshot that is not guaranteed to stun, and a 25% slow with meeps, not to mention you do little to no damage. I believe W suffers from too long of a charge time before reaching its full amount, while also healing very little for such a high mana cost early game. Once reaching late game, the AP ratios are so low, it becomes nothing more than a speed up, as the heal is nearly non-existent. E has playmaking potential, but early on it's either used to troll the other team or just place yourself in a deathtrap. Based on how I have been playing Bard and seen some (but not all) success, I would suggest three things: 1. Buff missile speed of Q at early levels to help give him some presence in lane ganks. Not by much, 60% slow is already strong, but it can be hard to land when mixed with it's current range. 2. Let W scale off of Bard's max HP. So far AP seems near useless on him, and tanky, movement speed builds seem to synergize really well. 3. Lower the Meep slow passive requirement by about 5 chimes. Unless the game is going on for a very long time, 85 chimes may not even be reached. Bard has to dedicate far too much time to collecting chimes when he should be either helping adc, ganking lanes, or being a part of teamfights.