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    Call of Duty, NBA, Madden, NCAA Football, Minecraft, GTA, South Park: Stick of Truth
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    I like to play Call of Duty competitively! I like to play GB's and tournaments as well as hangout with my friends online just playing laid back. I like to watch movies, play sports and surf the web.
  1. Individual Accomplishments: SOS Vizionz: 2nd @ GameStop FFA LAN Event SOS JJ: 1st @ GameStop FFA LAN Event SOS MikeyP: 2nd @ Battleground Gaming FFA Event 1st @ NWGA Esports 4v4 Event SOS ViVa: Multiple Local LAN Championships for Gamestop 4v4 Events
  2. Really big news guys! Proofy has joined OpTics first team and MBoZe starts OpTic's second team, OpTic Nation! What do you guys think about this? I think this is huge for OpTic and I hope they can bring success to the organization. Post your thoughts below!
  3. Welcome to the community! It's awesome here! Hope you have fun
  4. I would like to add that we just played in a Tear Tournament as a full team and placed 2nd out of 32.
  5. Dang that was a pretty good run you had there. I'm making my way up there. Just last night I got to 27k.
  6. I just like the Scorpion on Black Ops 2! A melt machine
  7. I still enjoy using the Mtar and vector but since the buff, the Bizon has just opened my eyes and I have started using it a lot more!
  8. We are currently trying to get a team sponsorship by vVV for CoD Ghosts! We are hoping to bring back championships to the community!
  9. I would like to add that tonight we will be playing some GameBattles if anyone would like to tune in and watch us compete! Here is the link to my Twitch Channel and I will update the post to let you guys know when we are playing! Hopefully some of yall will come hang out! http://www.twitch.tv/mlg_vizionz/profile
  10. Do you have a Scuf Controller? Post a Picture Here! So who all has a Scuf Controller? I love my scuf controller and I would honestly be really bad without it haha. I also play with a Kontrol Freek! Post your pictures of your Scuf Here!!
  11. Have any of you guys played the addicting app, 2048? If so, post your high scores below and lets see who has the highest score! Mine is 17,028
  12. Again, we just recently switched over profiles on GB, so our record doesn't show much of our skill.
  13. Even though everyone loves OpTic pretty much and most people get hate for it, I still love OpTic. Not just because of the name, but because of their personalities. I love the content they bring on YouTube and the way they keep in contact with their fans. #GreenWall
  14. I agree. Crim is a freakin robot and can't be stopped haha
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