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  1. Hasnt this already been in the game?
  2. Are you interested in being part of Writing or Streaming network? I am SUPER interested in streaming! How much time have you spent streaming in the past? I have had all the time in the world to stream besides the couple days a week I went to class, but now im about to start working from 7p-7a. How many viewers on average does your stream have? N/A How many followers does your stream have? N/A Are you streaming to entertain your self, or are you streaming to entertain your audience? Both. I play games for the fun and competition so I like to make sure that im having fun and the audience is having fun. I would have to say tho that honestly the audience would come first due to the fact that they are what makes the stream grow. How much time per week are you willing to stream? Well as stated above I will start working from 7p-7a, but my schedule is 4 on then 4 off so I will have several off days to stream which will lead to maybe a couple 24 hour streams and then on my work days I will stream for a couple hours after I get off in the morning or when i wake up before work. Post a link to your streaming channel. http://www.twitch.tv/giftedpc
  3. GiftedMDC

    Which Class is Your Favorite!

    Oh wow really? I had no idea that the DPS was real with the Engineers. Yeah i understand completely about being a team player lol. I try to have some heals on my set even if i'm trying to DPS as an Esper the more people i keep alive around me the less attention they pay to me hopefully. I wish I didnt have this 20 level cap so I could start running Arenas and try to get better. Oh well I will be using that headstart to its max!
  4. GiftedMDC

    Which Class is Your Favorite!

    You should Bagzli they feel more challenging than the other classes, or I could just suck lol. I tried to play it a bit and got one to level 10 but i just wasn't my style. Arent they meant for tanking Rah?
  5. GiftedMDC

    Which Class is Your Favorite!

    Wow what a shame not a single Engineer yet...
  6. GiftedMDC

    Behold the MMO application!

    @Bagzli Yes it does as a matter of fact. I have a Cassian esper right now on Nexus but a PvP server is where I would like to be with still some raids of course for those sweet Tier sets that were data mined! @RahRah I did try the Spellslinger but for me the movement kind of ruined it for me since in WoW I am so used to being still while casting and the challenges it brings. What made you feel like it was more of a mage? The abilities? I have only gotten to level 8 with the Spellslinger and 16 with the Esper so for all I know it oculd change drastically at higher levels. @Tatsuota Thanks man let the record show that your stream is essentially the only stream I watch besides like the tournament ones.
  7. GiftedMDC

    Behold the MMO application!

    Name: Matthew Cobb Age: 20 years old Location: Houston Texas Character Name(s): World of Warcraft-Icehokksy (Frost Mage), Wildstar-GiftedEsper (Esper), Smite-GiftedADC What class are you playing? Well when Wildstar drops I plan on playing an esper full time as my main just like in WoW with my Mage. What class do you usually play? I generally play the damage classes and try to be the best DPS around. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? Playing Halo 3 I used to play against a vVv competitive team and now Tatsuota told me I should join for Wildstar. Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? No one other than Tatsuota Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? I am looking for a community that has a great user base and is also known so I can have the opportunity to become a known gamer and start going to tournaments and be a part of the eSports world. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Outside of gaming I like to play Paintball with some friends. I also like to build computers and to be honest I am a pretty big movie addict. I am pretty interested in my work and the medical field but that probably doesnt count. Do you have competitive tournament experience? Yes Have you attended any national events? No What do you hope to achieve, competitively? My big dream is to become a great well known gamer like Dendi or T2. Without the case of falling off like T2 did lol. I am super competitive and I know that when I try I can beat just about anyone. I want to start going to tournaments and winning that prize money with a team that i enjoy. Streaming is also a big deal for me so I plan on streaming the games I play and growing a fan base.