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  1. The game looks fun. Once I find a better guide to the classes, I will have a more solid class that I will want to play. Though, that does mean for an MMO, I will be playing this game. I like how crafting takes time, and the generalization of classes doesn't put too much focus on a set group.
  2. Oriklad

    Hearthstone Help Thread

  3. Oriklad

    Post your Battle.net ID!

    Just got Heros of the Storm, but here is my battletag: Oriklad#1806
  4. Oriklad

    First Annual vVv Get-Together: GenCon 2016 Aug 4-7

    I am TOTALLY GOING TO GO!!! This is huge and exciting for me!!!! Heck, if everything goes well, I will go for panels one day, gaming another, and cosplay on the last!!! I am very excited to also meet all of ya guys and gals, so can't wait till next year!!!!!!!
  5. Oriklad

    Hearthstone Help Thread

    I will be talking about the game, and strategies in my up coming stream when the Grand Tourney cards are unlocked. If you have any questions, I will help out as much as possible!!!
  6. Oriklad

    Grand Tourney is now OUT!

  7. Oriklad

    Grand Tourney is now OUT!

    Hey everyone, vVv Oriklad here and I wanted to remind anyone that plays Hearthstone, did play, or wants to play that the THIRD EXPANSION is out! Yes that is right! The third set of cards to come out is here! This includes a new KEYWORD on cards, and ads over 100 new cards to the game!!! I will be streaming the opening of 50+ packs tomorrow at 6PM Est, so make sure to come by and watch! I will be TEACHING and have a Q&A About Hearthstone while opening the packs. Follow on Twitter @ www.Twitter.com/Oriklad Follow on Twitch @ www.Twitch.tv/oriklad Like my page on Facebook @ /www.facebook.com/orikladsenpai Also, got to love the new vVv Jersey!!! So glad to be a part of this community!!! https://scontent-ord1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/v/t1.0-9/s720x720/11201863_927331880647107_1164052938785317764_n.jpg?oh=a68773aadaf8c186d4a6b255015e0d91&oe=563F3E4D https://scontent-ord1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/v/t1.0-9/s720x720/11907183_927331883980440_2048055829338680537_n.jpg?oh=480a966dbb14096466c4727cc4cb6c09&oe=5675F0F4
  8. Oriklad

    Hi guys

    Heck, I am Silver 3 and some how I sneak by here! Lol, it is fine. Welcome to the community, and I hope to see you at some ADLs What role do you main for ranked, it might make it easier for people to want to queue up with you. I am a Jungle/top main, and I wouldn't mind playing with ya in ranked! But hop on Mumble when you can, usually there are people on there to talk to to play, or get advice from. I hope to see ya around!
  9. Oriklad

    Aeroglow Re app - Hello Again :D

    Welcome back!!!! I am glad to see you again, and can't wait to play with you some more! What are you plans for this season in LoL in general, and in the community?
  10. Oriklad

    Rebuilding the LoL Division

    So. The ADL was great, possibly one of the best that I have played in since the ADL started. I am glad that I am a part of the community, and I might move back over to League. Really thinking of getting back into it, and playing the PS4 and Hearthstone as cool off. I can't wait to see what CWide has in store for us, and I am will continue to support the League of Legends section that vVv supports, and I hope that everyone else does also.
  11. Oriklad

    LoL ADL Season 6 Rules and Details Thread

    Going to try and be there more!!! Sounds like a fun system, and it will be great practice for Ranked!
  12. Oriklad

    Ubisoft's For Honor: E3 Showcase

    Here is a very good review from Steve Bowling when he played For Honor at E3. It includes the review, some snap shots of in-game footage, and some small clips of combat!!! I hope everyone gets a good look, as the game looks awesome even in its pre-alpha state!!! http://tay.kinja.com/for-honor-is-ubisofts-most-interesting-game-in-years-1714545727?utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Facebook&utm_source=Kotaku_Facebook&utm_medium=Socialflow
  13. Oriklad

    Arena Marathon Stream!

    Pushing the stream back to about 5pm EST, in case of scheduling issues with members of the vVv community!!! Plus no plans tonight so I will burn through all my gold tonight!!!!!
  14. Oriklad

    Dignitas' rise in the LCS

    It seem to look like it. Gamsu is doing really well, and on Saturday had an 11/0/10 game on Hecarim, with 100% kill participation. That is very well played and planned team fighting.
  15. What is everyone's thoughts about how Dignitas' performance this split? I think that after their relegation period, they have been focused and looking like a top tier team. Leave comments below, and Glory to those that win the Split!!!