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    5/12/15 Gladiator's Glory Patch Notes

    Gladiator's Glory Patch Notes | 05/12 New Arena Map The Arena map has undergone a full visual upgrade and features new buff creatures. Anubis Redo Anubis has undergone a major visual update. New God Skins Solid Hornet Ah Muzen Cab This Limited skin is a special skin awarded for completing the new Season 2 League Achievement: Winning 20 matches in a League queue. Killer Bee Ah Muzen Cab Boom Chaac-a-laka Chaac Kumbhalayan Yeti Kumbhakarna New God Cards Anubis Standard Anubis Nightwalker New Voice Packs Solid Hornet Ah Muzen Cab Kumbhalayan Yeti Kumbhakarna New Emotes Anubis Clap and Wave New Ward Skins and Player Icons Dragon Boat Festival Icon UI Chests tab layout in the store has been redone to better show the Exclusive content each chest contains. Fixed tooltip not showing for slotted Achievement. Re-addressed tooltips persisting when they shouldn’t. Fixed Clan member time offline status not updating. Fixed Arrow overlaying “Level” on Clan page. Fixed Clan Honor stating there were only 4 ways to earn points instead of 5. Fashion Forward Achievement now uses the correct tier icon. Updated Hard Carry Achievement description to be more clear. Gameplay Increased range at which you receive Gold and Experience from minions and jungle camps from 60 to 80. “This change mainly affects Conquest, and though the original reduction was intended to encourage aggressive zoning between enemies, it proved to be an added difficulty that did not improve the quality of matchesto the Support role. This change means all players can be further away when a minion or jungle camp dies and still receive Gold and Experience.” Increased Gold Bounty cap limit from 500g to 750g. “When calculating the amount of Gold a player earns for killing another player, currently there is a hard cap of 500g. We are raising this to 750g to provide a greater benefit to teams that manage to successfully take down an enemy player who is doing very well and is far ahead.” Misc Event Center The Event Center has been added to the home page. In the Event Center, you can find all your bonuses and rewards for various things. Daily Login Bonuses, Special Event Items, bonuses for leveling up your account, and much more! Check out the Event Center to start claiming your rewards. Season 2 League Icons have been added. Players can once again earn First Win of the Day rewards from League queues. Note: Future Gem Storm events will require only a limited number of First Win of the Day’s, such that League will be an option, but not required to play. Addressed issue with clients crashing when using Alt-Tab while Fullscreen. Items Achilles’ Spear “Achilles’ Spear has a major downside by increasing the damage you take while its active. This downside gets more terrifying the later the game gets as enemy players get stronger, so we wanted to incentivize using its great strength earlier. Drastically lowering its Cooldown and changing the damage increase to only be triggered by enemy gods makes early game and jungle Achilles’ favorite time to party.” Reduced Cooldown from 90s to 30s. Now only increases damage taken by 30% from gods only. Bancroft's Talon Now updates Basic Attack damage on the HUD as you gain or lose magic power. Talaria Boots “Talaria and Travelers are seeing a nerf to their snowball potential and also to their attractiveness to broader roles. However, these both can still serve as a great tool to come back when you’re behind or to help Supports be more active without losing much.” No longer provides bonus Experience. Travelers Shoes No longer provides bonus Experience. Reduced Magical Power from +30 to +20. Gods - Balance/Updates/Fixes Ah Puch General Fixed emote VVGG ending abruptly. Undead Surge Updated accuracy on surging Corpses targeters. Agni General Fixed an issue where his cooldowns were not showing up on tooltips. Awilix Passive Fixed issue where the first hit causing her to enter combat does NOT receive the benefit from the increased power. Fixed Healing and Mana Potions causing her to enter combat. Moonlight Charge Fixed from triggering Magi’s Blessing and Spirit Robe passives when ability does NOT knockup. Bakasura “Bakasura’s minions get an adjustment this patch. Their damage has seen a slight reduction to bring his level 5 power spike down some.” Regurgitate Updated tooltip to show how much damage minions deal. Reduced damage dealt by minions from 20 to 15 per attack. Bellona “Bellona’s ability to instantly build three block stacks on minions is going away, now encouraging players to strike more gods to gain the same stacks. This, along with the duration loss on Eagle’s Rally, will bring her survivability down in certain fighting situations.” Shield Bash Now only provides block stacks from hitting gods on initial hit. Eagle’s Rally Reduced duration from 6/8/10/12/14s to 6/7/8/9/10s. Cabrakan “There’s no way out! Seriously. Tectonic Rift now appears immediately after Cabrakan stomps his foot, meaning Cabrakan players can lock in their prey much easier. Beware the Destroyer of Mountains!” Tectonic Shift Walls now appear instantly. Janus Portal Fixed exploit getting gods on top of collisions. Sylvanus “Sylvanus can be a potent Support, and excels in teamfights. Losing the ability to knockback and stack up multiple minions with his Basic Attack bombs of doom means his laning phase should be a little less unstoppable.” General Sylvanus’ Basic Attacks no longer knockback minions. Zhong Kui General Fixed Basic Attack trails showing green fx from Standard skin.
  2. Shorlong

    New Arena

    The arena map is getting a revamp! Here is the reveal video! Should be out in the next patch (after Ah Puch).
  3. Shorlong

    Anubis remodel shown.....kinda

    It's been known for some time now that Anubis is getting a remodel. His kit will remain the same, but the hunchback dog-man we know now will be changed. Our first look at his new look is found here: http://esports.smitegame.com/season-ticket/ If you watch the video for the Kukulkan skin, he is up against the remodeled Anubis. I think it looks good, but it's going to take some getting used to.
  4. Shorlong

    The Smite Community Goals Thread

    My Goals: Become a better jungler, with people who recognize my name second guess themselves when they are against me. Get as good at my favorite god, Fenrir, as the best Fenrir player in NA (Okami) and show people that he is a viable option for jungle. Reach Gold in ranked by summer. How I plan to acheive these goals: I am currently watching videos from top jungles, as well as vids from Hinduman where he watches player games and critiques them. I also plan on having sessions with Tayto and other jungles to perfect my game. I have been in contact with Okami to help me learn more about fenrir. I am also playing him more than any other god to get as much practice in as possible. I plan on taking notes while watching Okami play and study them. This is a long term goal, but I am aiming for the end of summer. Play a lot of ranked, and perfect my game.
  5. Shorlong

    Minjaaa's SMITE application (It's happening! :D)

    Minjaaa is the whole reason I even play Smite. He took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. We've been through a lot together, and I happily endorse his application!
  6. Shorlong

    The OP Shielded Teleport! (3v3 Joust Video)

    Must try this soon.
  7. Shorlong

    Coaching/Learning Smite

    I am open to coaching jungle, just post in here and send me a message and we can set up times
  8. Shorlong

    Ao Kuang Chinese reveal

    So, China is getting Ao Kuang before us (November 7th, he'll probably be revealed for us on that same day). They made a little video, and while I can't understand a thing the announcer is saying, you get to see Ao Kuang in game and him using his abilities..... It is, without a doubt, the tits....
  9. Shorlong

    Who's looking forward to Nox?

    Got her to mastery 1 yesterday, my thoughts: She works in Solo or mid, better in Mid, but can be solo. You do NOT want to build her tanky. I see some people saying that and it's a terrible idea. She has low base damage and low protections. Building her tank doesn't help her survivability, and it seriously gimps her damage potential. Build her glass cannon (no CDR at all). My normal build was Shoes of the Magi, Warlock Sash, Rod of Tahuti, Soul Reaver, Gem of Isolation, Bancroft's Talon/Celestial Helm/Book of Thoth (depending on enemy team). She is really weak against any AA style gods, but really strong against ability gods. DON'T hit your 2 while your ult is active.....I did that many times and then realized how dumb I am.
  10. Hello everyone. Just wanted to make you aware that here in a couple weeks, I will be without a home any longer. I have no idea how often or if at all I will be able to log into mumble to even say hi as the local library has crap computers, but I'll try. Wish everyone the best and I'll maybe see you all again one day.
  11. Shorlong

    Who still plays DayZ Standalone?

    I'm late to the party, but I play it quite a bit!
  12. Shorlong


    Scap finally admitted it...so that means Nasher is now the SECOND worse player in vVv
  13. Shorlong

    50% Off Pre-Launch Skins Today!

    All I want is the Black Widow skin....I need gems
  14. Shorlong

    Meet The Community Game & Play

    Add me to the list
  15. Shorlong

    The Winds of Change

    Patch notes available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zwNkn9R4FVqvEuvd-qJMFfehFOVgFGlD5MGy8SvlzWg/pub Thoughts: - Arachne is likely to be my new main. Her new kit is just the kind of kit I like, focused on AA instead of abilities. Now, I just need to get the Black Widow skin and voice pack.... - I was very wary after the announced changes to Odin, but after seeing the numbers, I think he's in a much better place now. He's not as tanky, but he deals some serious damage. He will be another strong jungle pick. - Odysseus's Bow looks to be a great item for my style of character. A big buff to Osiris, Nemesis, Kali, Arachne, and all hunters with bad wave clear. Xbal may be a threat in competitive play with this item. - The new magic item with the phys protection and no crit chance really makes me scared if I am Ne Zha (my ult) or if I am a merc against a Zhong Kui...... - The New hud looks good. - They did a lot of work on making Guan Yu viable again. I expect to see him picked up for solo lane play now as a good counter to some more squishy characters (some mages, assassin's). - Nerfs to He Bo and Herc are very welcomed. - A buff to Kali? TWO BUFFS FOR KALI?! After already introducing an amazing item that meshes with her kit, you do this? I <3 you guyz! - Cabraken may not be that terrible now. I see him as a viable pick for solo lane in casual conquest...not sure how he will fare in ranked. - New Georgia logo when loading the game up...I think we can all agree this was the most important change they could make.... Your thoughts?
  16. Shorlong

    New Guy Here

    Ozone! Good playing with you yesterday, hope to see you around more!
  17. Shorlong

    Osiris Jungle Guide

    Osiris can be played solo lane, he can be played support, but he REALLY shines in the Jungle role. His attack progression and damage make his camp clear on of,the best in the game, mixed with his natural stockiness, he can stay in the jungle without backing far longer than most others. His kill potential early game is also incredibly high, and once you finish Qin's Sais, he is nearly unstoppable. There are some people who have trouble with this god, but I will be giving some tips and tricks at the end of this guide to overcome some of his weaknesses. Remember, you CAN afford to be more aggressive with Osiris versus other Junglers. The protections he gets from his Tether allow him to dive when others shouldn't. The main factor you want to keep in mind is KNOW WHEN TO BACK OFF. It is a problem I have often when a god this beefy starts getting on a role: I don't realize how much trouble I am in until it's too late. I see this mistake often with other players as well. Be aggressive, but be smart about it. Diving the enemy tower 1v5 when you are the only one alive and they have Fire Giant is not the smartest plan (trust me, I tested it.) Also, keep in mind Osiris' passive and his hit progression. Building attack speed is the best way to go with him. Damage and crits are, obviously, very important. However, you do not really need things like Hasten Fatalis or Witchblade (though witchblade is a fantastic pick if you are having trouble with an enemy ADC who built a lot of attack speed). His passive is Hasten Fatalis, and if played right, you can be in spectral form quite often in fights, thus making chasing a LOT easier. ITEM BREAKDOWN: Death's Toll: Why Death's Toll over Bumba's you ask? Simple. Osiris' hit progression allows him to gain more from Death's Toll than from Bumba's. Yes, that big heal at the end of a camp clear with Bumba's is nice, but the power you get from Death's Toll mixed with the damage potion you start with allows for ultra quick clears and more probability of a kill when ganking early. Warrior Tabi: This is a no brainer. You want the extra Pen. This is pretty much a staple on most Jungle builds. Qin's Sais: This item is CORE for Osiris. With the hit progression and AOE on two hits, this turns Osiris into a full on beast. This item makes him outbox other gods with ease. Complete this item after getting at least tier 2 Tabi. Asi: More attack speed on Osiris is always a good thing. The extra pen helps you mid to late game, and the lifesteal is an added bonus. Deathbringer: Crits, crit damage and 50 power on one item. This is a must have for Osiris. The Executioner: I like to build this to get a lot of attack speed (2.32 at level 20) while also giving more pen. You should be able to shred anyone that isn't a tank within seconds. Last Item/Situational: I really do view the above as Osiris' core items. He can't NOT have them, as all of them play to his strengths. However, the last spot will change depending on the situation. Choose any of the following items to complete the build. Rage: My normal item. Increases crit chance and gives a boost to power. I take this most of the time against a normal/average team comp. Titan's Bane: If the enemy tank has built REALLY tanky, or they have more than one tanky character (Chaac Jungle, Geb Support and SWK Solo lane on the same team), then the extra pen will REALLY benefit you here. You will shred through any tank with this much pen. Witchblade: A staple in my arena build, but for conquest I only get this if there are multiple ADC style gods OR the ADC is giving me a lot of trouble. Winged Blade: Keep getting slowed? This should help. Ancile: Other team have more than one mage? Perfect item, and has stacking power and cooldown reduction as a bonus. This item may one day become part of the core (depends on meta shifts). Brawler's Beat Stick: Solo Aphro, Hel or Chang'e? This mixed with your ult will ruin their day. Shifter's Shield/Hide of the Urchin: Not a fan of building any defensive items on Osiris, but if you feel you need defense, either of these will work. Bloodforge: For those times when you just want to annoy the other team. This mixed with Asi will heal you for more than they will damage you. Also allows you to solo the Fire Giant with ease. Skills: One of the big things with any God is knowing their skills, or abilities. Osiris' kit is very potent and focuses around a certain combo. 1. Sickle Strike Osiris throws his Sickle forward. It stops at the first enemy hit, slowing 20% for 3s, and dealing 60/100/140/180/220 +30% of his physical power as damage. The Sickle remains stuck in the target for the duration of the slow. Cooldown 5s. Cost 30. 2. Spirit Flail Osiris imbues his flail with spiritual energy, striking at the target ground location. Enemies hit take 80/130/180/230/280 + 60% of his physical power as damage, and Osiris gains 20% movement speed for 3s. If an enemy is under the effect of Sickle Strike, the Sickle is ripped out, and the target slow is increased in power and duration to 50% for 4s. Cooldown 10s. Cost 50/55/60/65/70. 3. Judgement Tether Osiris flings out mummy wraps, tethering himself to all nearby enemies for 4s. Targets hit have all their damage reduced by 10/15/20/25/30% +5% per second. The tether can be broken by targets moving far enough away from Osiris. Targets still in range after 4s, when the duration expires, are stunned for 1.4s. Cooldown 18s. Cost 60/65/70/75/80. 4. Lord of the Afterlife Osiris sheds any remaining fragments, immediately gaining the benefit of his passive, and leaps forward. Osiris will target the lowest health god in the area he lands and rip a fragment of their spirit out, dealing 220/320/420/520/620 +100% of his physical power as damage. Additionally, the target god can not receive healing from any source for the next 6s, until their spirit returns. Enemy minions and neutral jungle camps in the target area take double damage from this ability. Cooldown 90. Cost 100. Your skill combo is something you want to get down. There are two combos you can do, and it really depends on the situation you find yourself in on which you choose. The first is what I like to when performing a gank on mid lane or solo lane. Start by throwing your sickle (1), followed immediately by your Flail (2). Now that they are slowed you can close the gap and hit your Judgement Tether (3). This should allow you to wail on them for the next four seconds as they try feebly to get away (if they decide to attack you, just remember they lose damage the longer they stay in). Once the 4 seconds is up and they stun, hit them with your Sickle (1) again quickly. Only use your ult to escape if things get hairy and you start losing the fight, or if they popped a sprint to get away from your tether and you know you can secure the kill, ult towards them, doing damage and keeping them inside your tether. So, that combo is 1-2-3-1. At this point, they should easily be dead (remember, we're talking early game) The other combo is useful during team fights. You don't want to be in team fights for very long, but if you get in the middle of the fight, start with your Judgement Tether (3) while your team fights everyone else. Pick your target (someone squishy!) and start attacking. Once they have been stunned (and your team wails on the other stunned opponents), use your Sickle/Flail combo to slow them. They should melt pretty easily. So, that combo is 3-1-2. You never want to use your 2 to intiate the attack, however, like your ult, your 2 can be used to secure a kill (the enemy must be one hit from death). So if the enemy is getting away and you don't have your ult, use your 2 to get the kill. Early Game Early game kills are not that hard to come by. If you play smart and your solo laner goes along, you can probably nab a kill on the enemy jungle or solo lane first thing. This won't always happen, so just make sure to stay alive and keep farming. Once you're back in the jungle, farm all camps, get to level 5. At this point, I usually try to gank mid lane. I will either secure the kill for myself or my mid, or we at least push them under tower and make them back. Around this time mid camps are back up, so take at least one, but try for two. Again, as Osiris, you can be more aggressive with your ganks. Don't be afraid to make your prescence felt in all three lanes very early in the game. At around level 8, you want to make your first trip back to base. You should have enough to at least get tier 2 shoes and start on your Qin's. Keep farming, keep making ganks. Mid Game Once team fights start breaking out, you should already have your Qin's, Tabi and Asi. Around this point you can sell your Death's Toll and start on your Deathbringer. Stay on the outside of fights and pick people off, or if your team has the upper hand, jump in the middle and use your Judegement Tether to help your team out. Keep up your farming, you do not want to fall behind. Going after Gold Fury should be a priority. Late Game Late game is where Osiris turns from a nuisance into a monster. Before, the enemy team hated you, they were annoyed because they couldn't kill you and you kept killing them. Now, you are the source of their fear. Mages and ADC (and usually, the enemy jungler) will melt in your hands, and most tanks and other warriors don't fare much better. At this point in the game, you want to make sure to ALWAYS have the speed buff. Adding that on top of your already ridiculous attack speed will practically seal the game. Fire giant, towers and phoenixes will be a priority. Stick with your team, try not to wander. If you get caught be the entire enemy team, it won't be pretty. Yes, you'll survive much longer than most others, maybe you'll even be able to escape. More often than not, you'll die. Osiris' biggest weakness is late game he is somewhat squishy. Part of that is not building defense. However, the best way to counter his squishyness is to play smart and don't get out of position. Stay on the outside of team fights and pick off stragglers and survivors, or, just like before, if your team is winning, go ahead and tether the enemy team to secure the Deicide. Tips & Tricks Osiris does have weaknesses. CC will pretty much shut him down. His strength is his ability to quickly get through his attack progression and deal damage. Take away his movement and he's practically useless. I almost always buy beads to help against any type of CC the enemy may hit me with. His other weakness is his squishyness. Yes, his Tether does grant protections, but late game against an adc, mage or assassin, those protections do don't as much. You can counter this with items or positioning. I prefer positioning and not leaving my team. Your ult, while your main escape, is also fantastic to keep someone in your tether. If the enemy Ao Kuang uses his Slither to try to escape, you can ult towards him, hit him for a large chunk of health and keep him in the tether at the same time, thus ensuring the kill. However, you now have no escape, so use precaution when doing this. Using the VEA command while using Osiris pretty much guarantees victory!
  18. Shorlong

    Serqet Jungle Guide

    General Information Welcome to my guide for Serqet! I started playing Serqet a week after her release, and a week later I had her Legendary. I learned a lot about her in that time span, and she has come to be one of my overall favorite gods in the game! There are many reasons to play Serqet, though she does have her weaknesses as well. Pros: High Damage Output A Taunt A Madness A Stun A Throw A Dash A Leap Nice attack chain Great Jungle Clear Cons: Exceptionally Squishy Easy to accidentally get out of position A bit buggy with her 1 Ult is very weak at low levels Item Build Warrior Tabi Deathbringer Hydra's Lament Titan's Bane Malice Situational (Witchblade, HoU, Magi's) Skill Level 1, 2, 1, 3, 4, 1, 1, skip, 1 &4, 2, 2, 3, 4, 2, 2, 3, 4, 3, 3, 4 Early Game Early game you need to be very careful. You have a strong damage output (level your Deathbane first, then cobra's kiss, then deathbane again), but you are also really easy to burst down. I try not to be too aggressive when starting with the solo laner. However, with Serqet, I do start counter jungling very early. If you can get her ahead early, it will set you up for your first ganks. Your ult early game is very weak as well. However, if you initiate with your ult, then cobra's kiss, then do your Deathbane, you should secure a kill. Keep farming, stay ahead of the enemy jungle. Since you are very squishy, warding is important. Make sure to take wards with you when you start counter jungling. Mid Game You've reached mid-game, time to start shining! You should have boots and deahtbringer online at this point. Your next move is to go into Hydra's Star (rank 2 Hydra's Lament). Stay at rank 2 until end game, as you still get the passive without spending a ton of gold. You should be ganking a lot and preparing for team fights. When they do start to break out, make sure to stay on the outskirts of the fights. Do not, I repeat, do NOT jump into the middle of a teamfight, unless there is someone there that is very low health that you can ult on. Otherwise, you're just jumping in to your death. Your main goal is to pick off any stragglers trying to leave the fight. Ult, do your combo and try to get them to explode and poison everyone around you. Late Game Late game! Time to carry the team! At this point, your Deathbane should be critting for a lot, your Titan's Bane should be up to help shred tanks, and you should have at least one defensive item on. Help your team take down objectives, pick off stragglers, and if you are far enough ahead, you can split push without too much worry. You have enough escapes to get out of dodge if things turn south.
  19. Shorlong

    Serqet Fire Giant Steal

    One of my better plays!
  20. Shorlong

    Smite coming to Xbox One

    Announced today at Gamescon: Smite is coming to the Xbox One. Announce video here: Thoughts? I find it interesting that it's coming exclusively to X1 and no PS4 support....as an Xbone fan, I just find that really funny. Otherwise, I have no issues with it. If anything, it will help bring Smite more popularity, as well as increasing the tournaments to include console players as well. Also, it has already been confirmed that console players will be seperate from PC players.
  21. Shorlong

    Introducing Team Valor!

    But Osiris is always banned...I can never show off my Legendary
  22. Shorlong

    Introducing Team Valor!

    The tournament is streamed via smitegame and smitepro on twitch.tv....no idea if our actual matches will be the ones shown or not.
  23. Shorlong

    Smite coming to Xbox One

    There have been a few MOBAs on Console....Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle Earth, Awesomenauts, Monday Night Combat and Super Monday Night Combat where all released on consoles.
  24. Shorlong

    Introduce Yourself!

    Age: 30 (I'm so old) IGN: Shorlong Mumble: Shorlong Main Role: Jungle Favorite God: Osiris/Serqet/Fenrir/Ne Zha/Bakasura/Kali Interesting fact about you: I breed snakes!