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    Timothy A Webb Jr
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    United States
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    DDO, Titanfall, Smite
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    Ribs, Pizza
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    Shaun of the Dead, LotR, The Matrix, The Dark Knight
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    Metal mostly, but a sprinkling of everything else as well
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    I have many interests. I work with animals on a daily basis, including snakes, birds and small mammals. I am also an independent film maker, and am getting back into game creation

About Me

Hello, this is Tim, aka Shorlong. I've been playing games since I was 3, and now, 27 years later, I'm still going strong! I have played everything from fighting games, racing, rythm, sports, shooting and now MOBAs competitively. I was a professional Raven Shield player, and was ranked second in the world in the first Call of Duty (via Call of Duty tracker). I have also written for planetxbox360.com, fpscentral.com, ampednews.com and Game Informer magazine.

Outside of gaming, I am a budding independant film maker, specializing in horror films. I also work with exotic animals, doing everything from educational shows for schools, rescuing, rehabilitating, training or breeding endangered species for re-introduction into wild populations. I also enjoy building custom terrariums for animals. Aside from films and animals, I do a lot of other non-video gaming. I create custom miniatures for Heroscape, D&D, Warhammer and more.