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  1. whats up everyone ill be moving from Florida to Texas soon and i don't know how fast ill be able to get internet so im posting here.. ill be back as soon as i can vVv Deadaim
  2. http://xboxclips.com/vVv+Deadaim/b6dee429-8d7e-4f93-afc7-be9d13ef0223 1v3 vs FragD
  3. hahaha do you write your own material beasy?
  4. koala if you can get on gears and kill me 1 time id be impressed until then you are still dead to me
  5. who's vVv sacred ? lol na i would say best of luck but ill still be playing and talking to you everyday soooooo the only thing ill say is you'll be back
  6. http://xboxclips.com/vVv+Deadaim/3ef0fd1e-dce6-4082-8fb1-1c932e8730fb here ya go
  7. ESL tomorrow wish us luck got 10th last time this time were getting top 3 calling it !
  8. just dont play alot of gbs we get scrims against better players
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