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  1. Also hearing the title is going to drop the 4, and just be CoD Modern Warfare
  2. Let's get itttttttttt!! Make this place what it can be fellas and femallas! Community is and always will be the backbone of vVv.. it's where we started as a group of people who liked playing the same game and wanted to do so in a competitive setting, as well as have people who shared similar interests and that we could and still can confide in when needed. I'm proud to be a part of vVv, I'm humbled that I'm back after so many years away. It's only up from here!!
  3. vVv Skeensyy

    Season 17!

    I wanna get this again!! I have it on Switch!
  4. Size it how you want lol, I made this one for me, not a bulk order. Standard logo on a New Era hat is 2 inches tall (can be larger), designs have to run height by width, as a result of the 2 inches standard hat logo, the width is increased. Also, vector wouldn't work for embroidery, it would need to be a digitized file, which I have if anyone has their own embroidery machine and wants it.
  5. Went ahead and got a digitized file of the new logo! Tell me what you think!! If you want one, get with me and we will figure it out.
  6. I like this, we used to do it back in the day but just kinda community spotlight where certain teams or individuals did an interview of sorts. It was useful and introduced people to others they may not have known prior.
  7. Just upgraded to the S10+ from the S7! Love the Samsung line!
  8. I like the idea of keeping the V's as well.. while I feel the eagle is a novel concept, 12+ years of history is a lot to throw away, in my opinion.
  9. I do believe so, they were going to be cleaning up the host lists in order to get those straight for people who were going to be streaming in the future. Correct me if I am wrong @vVv NerdPrblms
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