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  1. Plague of Rats

    Blue Screen of Death and League

    A lot of BSOD is caused by faulty/bugged driver or graphics card update.
  2. Plague of Rats

    How's everyone feeling about the server move?

    Used to get 20-30, now I get 90-100. Almost makes the game unplayable for me.....
  3. Plague of Rats

    The end of an Era

    Dear members of vVv, I have been with vVv for over a year now, and I regret to inform all of you wonderful people that as of today I will be resigning from vVv. As time has progressed, I found myself not being able to participate in vVv events or even getting on mumble. The majority of the OG's that were in vVv when I first became a member are now all gone and now the cycle continues. I have loved my time in vVv and the contributions I have put towards this community, however I feel like I am not able to contribute anymore. I write this with sadness...I have made lifetime friends through vVv and it was THIS community that has helped me through some really rough patches in my life. I will never forget that. Most of you know me as Plague.....others know me as the Meme Master or Twitch Chat......and some know me as Eugene. I will never forget any of you. I will try to hop in once in a while to say "What's good." and it is very possible that you will see me on LoL or Hearthstone or streaming on Twitch. Feel free to message me whenever you want I am always willing to talk and chat. vVv has done tons for me and I have done tons for it, so maybe I will apply to be a member again in the distant future. Until then this is vVv Plague officially signing off as a vVv member. Everyone stay safe, have fun, and keep on gaming! -vVv Plague
  4. Plague of Rats

    CS:GO Team Recruitment!

    Ughhh maybe i could play. Im not that high of a rank. Im gold nova three, however I play tons of CEVO and have a 10.66 EFFC
  5. Plague of Rats

    Want to add your stream to our Streams tab? Click here!

  6. Plague of Rats

    CSGO Steam IDs [Compiled]

    vVv Plague: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198058990501
  7. Plague of Rats

    Hearthstone Help Thread

    All depends on what type of decks you want to build. If you want to PM two seasons ago I achieved up to rank 4 mountain giant. As for playing patron warrior i hate you 8). However on a serious note, gorehowl is not good at all in patron decks, however is a situation card used in control warrior (situation depends on the current ladder meta)
  8. Plague of Rats

    Grand Tourney is now OUT!

    Can't open the packs yet. They just added the cards into the game. But can't open the packs yet.
  9. Plague of Rats

    Dirty Bomb

    I play DB at least 3 hours everyday...
  10. Plague of Rats

    Being Good Internet citizens and An Overdue Apology

    Ahhhhhhh ok. I should have figured with the start of ADL again
  11. Plague of Rats

    Being Good Internet citizens and An Overdue Apology

    When did all of this happen?
  12. Plague of Rats

    Aeroglow Re app - Hello Again :D

    You have pleased the dankest meme of them all. Kappa no Keepo
  13. Plague of Rats

    LoL ADL Season 6 Rules and Details Thread

    I will start coming to the ADL again, however I can only make the Friday ones...is that ok?
  14. Plague of Rats


    Vaping is not health risk free. Only do it as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. I for one, started smoking cigarettes at the age of 7, and continued to do so until sophomore year of highschool.
  15. Plague of Rats

    Fishing Trip 7/19 -7/27

    Will be driving to Colorado for annual family fishing trip. Will be returning to the roots of the LoL ADL when I return.