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  1. I agree 2 hours might be a little long, if i'm honest it might last just over an hour so i set 2 hours just in case. First of all since we have some new faces around, some have been here before and some are new i'd like to do some short introductions so people are familiar with everyone if newer people turn up and a short intro on vVv Gaming. Next up my personal topic will be on the CS:GO division. It will have things to do with future expectations for the division, events and feedback/opinions, what people would like to see. Next up a friend of mine was thinking of starting a division for arma 3 which can be open for discussion. Pretzl has some things he'd like to announce also so i'm just waiting on him sorting his agenda. If there is anything you'd like to add from the RL division we can talk about those also.
  2. Zeeb

    Hello. I am Hesh.

    Welcome How long have you competed in the melee scene ? Used to play that game when i was a kid, loved the game. Also if you have Teamspeak you should join us on our server, it'll give you a chance to meet people and speak to members
  3. vVv Gaming Town Hall Meeting. 7pm EST Sunday 12th of June Open to ALL Members & Non-Members ! Once again we will be hosting another Town Hall Meeting open to everyone ! You do not need to be a vVv member or an applicant to be able to join in. Get the opportunity to meet the official members and introduce yourself to the community, as well as voice your thoughts and opinions and learn about our organization and what we have to offer. The only thing that will be required is Teamspeak. If you do not have Teamspeak or the information for our server, all the details can be found in this post: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/announcement/4-we-moved-from-mumble-to-teamspeak/ The meeting will be headed by vVv ZeeB & vVv Pretzl We expect the meeting to last around 2 hours, we will start with a brief introduction and will then start discussing various topics, announcements and plans that we have. If you have any questions during the town hall don't be afraid to ask, we will try to answer your questions as best we can and we will also have a full Q&A session before the meeting is over. Thank you and hope to see a lot of you there.
  4. I know exactly what you mean. Well good luck on your application man Quick heads up, we will be running an in-house some time this week so keep your eyes peeled for an announcement, can find all the details here also: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/csgovVv
  5. Welcome back, looking forward to playing some CS:GO with you and chatting with you . Quick question: What made you decide to re-apply and what do you hope to see from vVv CS:GO wise?
  6. hey its AtLandsEnd from the chat when you were streaming. I applied like I said I would mate. Looking forward to talking with you.

    1. Zeeb


      Hey ! Awesome man glad to hear it :D. Like i said im on TS very regularly so look forward to talking/playing :)

  7. Zeeb


    There's a lot more people that play csgo now than before. The majority of us are EU though besides the 2-3 that are NA. I run CGN's every so often and will be scheduling tournaments soon too so you're welcome to stop by on teamspeak and come play whenever
  8. me neither dude, glad you're taking part
  9. Welcome to the community my friend, thanks for applying. Hope you enjoy your stay here, looking forward to playing more games with you !
  10. Really wish i pre-ordered it, from what i've seen its so much fun. Whelp enjoy it
  11. I know there was a few people that played smite, not sure if they're around though... Perhaps make a post in the smite section and see if you get response
  12. Welcome & hope you enjoy being here If you have any questions or need anything don't hesitate to ask me or anyone else ! A lot of us are on Teamspeak often so you can always find someone to talk to on there
  13. wtf did i just watch, when did league turn into 5man greater rifting in diablo
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