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  1. Hello Everyone, For those that don’t know me, I am vVv Alki and I am a huge fan of Star Citizen. Since vVv has opened a forum section for the game, I wanted to first and foremost introduce myself and express my fascination for the game! To start it off, I would like to talk about some of the good things that Star Citizen has to offer, so keep on reading and find out why you should be playing! I’ve been following star citizen since late 2012 and so far I have more than liked what I saw. The game is designed by Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Gaming company and the most amazing part about it is that it is open development! That means we get to see everything they do, we get to learn about every decision that they make and why they made it. If you are looking to get into game development, following this game will teach you a lot as the developers are telling you pretty much everything! The reason behind why they are doing it this way is because the game is actually funded by the community. Yep I wrote community and it is not a mistake. The community has raised over $48 Million over the past couple of years and the number is still growing! I don’t know about you, but that is some dedicated community if you ask me, can you just imagine how awesome it is going to be play the game with gamers that are this dedicated? So what is the game about? Star Citizen has a very broad spectrum of things that you can do. Just about anything that you can do in real life (If we could travel space of course), you can do in the game. If you want to be a trucker that moves cargo around the galaxy, then you can do that. If you want to be a bounty hunter, there is a chance for you to do that too (I mean who doesn’t want to be a bounty hunter?). Star Citizen has many things that you can do alone, but it also has many things that you can do as a group. There is going to be a full storyline called ,"Squadron 42". This is going to be a story about your character joining the UEE Milllitary (United Earths Empire). There is also going to be a game mode where you can just dogfight other players. Also, everything that a player does in the Persistent Universe (Main Server) will affect the game in some way. For example, if you discover a large amount of iron on a distant planet, the economy will adjust accordingly, just like the economy does in real life. This promises for a more balanced economy. Additionally there is going to be a lot of strategic thinking involved with this game. Every player can impact the game and everything that you do can change how you perform in the game. For example, if you lose a fight and your ship gets blown up while you are ejecting, you will wake up in a hospital room and some of your limbs will be missing. Your characters body can only take so much. After you have been beaten and bloodied so bad that you barely have any limbs left, your player will die. But you won’t just get a message saying," Game Over!". You will appear at your characters funeral as the heir to your previous characters items. That system for the death of a character is just amazing. Your characters life has real value, and that was a big part of me wanting to play Star Citizen. In closing I would like to give you guys a list of some of the amazing features that this game will offer. Feel free to comment below with any questions you may have or if you think I have missed something important. I look forward to playing Star Citizen with you all! Features include: One time payment (No more pesky subscriptions!) Ship Customization Endless Universe expansion (the map never ends!!!) Dogfights involving 100+ players! Physics (Star citizen will feature and accurate newtonian physics engine) Graphics based off of Cry Engine 3 Space ships designed by the community Dynamic and player driven economy Funding goals (More things added for every 1 million dollars raised!) Modding support for private multiplayer servers Over and Out. vVv Alki
  2. Hello Everyone! This topic is basically going to serve as a Buyers guide on what ships are on sale and what ships are not. This list will entail the price and availibility of all the ships we know about in the Star Citizen universe so far. So lets get Started! I have decided to sort them by price so everyone has easy access to the ships in their price range. $100US and below Aurora ES- $35, Currently on sale Aurora LX- $40-$60, Currently not on sale Aurora CL- $60, Currently on sale Aurora LN- $45, Currently on sale 300i- $65, Currently on sale 315p- $75, Currently on sale 325a- $85, Currently on sale 350r- ?, Currently not on sale Avenger- $75, Currently on sale Mustang Alpha- $45, Currently on sale Mustang Beta- $65, Currently on sale Mustang Gamma- $75, Currently on Sale Mustang Delta- ?, Currently not on sale Mustang Omega- ?, Currently not on sale I Will make more posts covering all of the price ranges at a later date. But for now, here is the pricing and availabilty of all the starter class ships. Thanks for looking and as always, I'll see you around the 'verse!
  3. Alki

    CS:GO Team Recruitment!

    Hello everyone I am Alki. Some of you may know me from being a part of the MMO section a few months back. I have recently got myself an 3 friends into CS:GO. We have a stand in for our fifth man but need one more dedicated player. We are all low ranking and just starting to really develop tactics and everything. If you are interesed in trying out, Add me on Steam at Tugboat, or add Wetty Fap. Tell him i sent you. We are looking for any player to play any role as we havent quite gotten to the point where dedicated roles are important yet. Thanks!
  4. Alki

    CS:GO Team Recruitment!

    Our issue is that we cant find many of our friends who want to start a dedicated team. Ive done solo joins before and a bunch of deathmatches. As I said we are just developing personal skills.
  5. Alki


    That Ace in apartments was crazy. You even managed to kill JW lol
  6. Alki

    CS:GO Team Recruitment!

    We are super low rank. Im talking unranked. We havent played many matches yet. We have just been focusing on developing personal skills in an offline environment. I currently cant game because my PC is broken, but ive been studying up of smoke, flash and nade spots and also tactics. Ive watched around 200 hours of professional gameplay analyzing what they do, how to execute, how to stop different pushes. We will be starting regular practices in a few weeks once ive got the money to fix up my PC.
  7. Alki

    Recent Developments.

    First of all, let me say im sorry for being away for so long. I have been having many problems that I may or may not share with you but I want you to know that I havent just left off and done nothing. The last post on here was made almost a year ago and I want to make posting in here a more regular thing. With that out of the way, lets get to Star Citizen! Recently Star Citizen 1.1.1 has been released. This patch allows almost every pledge fighter ship or single person craft to be flown in AC or in the private match system. You can now also do free flight with your friends by using a friend code that will be prompted at the AC loading screen as you load into the simulation. Another big things that is right around the corner for SC is the FPS shooter module. CIG has been hard at work squaring away all of the things to please thousands for backers. The zero-g gameplay is a revolutionary new system that makes your character interact with the environment in ways that were never thought to be possible on the cry engine. For example, when you are fighting in zero-g and float into a wall, your character will not just become a static object and bounce off of the wall like it is nothing. You will be able to interact with the wall in a seem-less way allowing you to hold onto it, push off of it, and use it to your advantage in combat. This is interesting because in many games that have FPS such as Call Of Duty (yeah its not really the same thing at all but hey its FPS) you cannot interact with walls aside from running into them over and over. Every wall that you have in your ship in that in a space station will work with the combat in zero-g to give the player the most realistic experience( as realistic as zero-g combat can be) as allowed by the current game engine. Also, with the release of Star Citizen 1.0, they as that you install SC all over again because a lot of unused things have piled up over the year or so of constant updates and patches. Much of the code is rendered useless by some of the newer code that helps improve SC. This is basically all ive got for right now guys. But stick with me and there will be more regular updates on SC and the development process behind it! If you are looking for more information on Star Citizen, or want to purchase your first ship, head over the www.robertsspaceindustres.com . There is a lot of good information over there and the community is always willing to help you even on the dumbest of questions! As always guys, thanks for reading and Ill see you around the 'verse! And just so everyone knows, this was typed off the top of my head in about 5 minutes so please excuse the lack of content. I promise the posts in the future will be more quality than this!
  8. Alki

    Recent Developments.

    Well when you decide, let me know
  9. Alki

    Recent Developments.

    Well you could always race if thats what youre into. The Origin Jump Works M50 is pretty much what you described. You could also run information with something like the Drank Interplanetary Herald. If youve got questions Ill help you with anything you need
  10. Alki

    Recent Developments.

    Elite: Dangerous is what a lot of people are playing while waiting for SC to become a more complete product. Any idea what you might want to do in the game? If you have any questions feel free to ask me! And once you do pick it up, if you are interested in joining the organization that myself and 2 other vVv members are in, just tell me and ill give you the name and send you an invite!
  11. Alki

    Economy tanks on Ollo

    Yeah I was able to grab TS logs for 10 gold at one point. Tons of people were getting trees from those new saplings
  12. Alki

    Economy tanks on Ollo

    Hello everyone. I've been playing archeage but havent been on the same server as vVv due to the fact that I picked before knowing what they were going to be on. Around 5:30 EST today, the economy on Ollo completely crashed. TS trees were selling for 20g and apex were selling for 5000. No one has any idea what happened exactly, all we know is that a lot of people made and lost money. I made around 800 gold. Did this happen to any other servers?
  13. We hit $55 million in crowd funding this week! Also, people are starting to get their constellation models. I've got one and I will be putting up pictures shortly. Patch 13 has dropped and has brought back private matches in AC and fixed some controller mapping bugs. It's a rather long episode, but it is jam packed of good news and other things regarding SC. Thanks and I'll see you around the 'verse! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14189-Around-The-Verse-Episode-16
  14. Alki

    vVv CS:GO

    Anyone still want to give a CS: GO team a try? I play a lot of it and want to get some people together to maybe become a sponsored team. If anyone is interested just shoot me a message or post on here and we can play some stuff
  15. Alki

    Sorry, Again

    Hello everyone! I have been absent for more than a month without any means of communication to anyone inside of vVv. Quite honestly, I'm impressed that they haven't taken away my vVvs yet. Well, I was gone because my Hard Drive actually died in my computer. I didn't have the money to purchase one at the time as I have to pay all of the good stuff that adults have to pay for. I'm sorry for being gone again, I will try to update this forum daily to keep everyone in the loop. Thanks for your understanding and I'll see you around the 'verse!
  16. Hello everyone. Today I am going to me giving a quick overview of this weeks 10FTCM. In this rather short video, Chris Roberts gives a quick time line for the launch of multi-crew ships in AC. He also goes over some small things that that will affect the economy, and the purchasing of ships. This is only about a 15 minute long episode so it shouldn;t be too hard for anyone to watch it. Thank you for watching and I will see you around the 'verse!
  17. Alki

    My Absence.

    Hello everyone. I am very sorry that I have not been posting at all within the past month or so. I've been working 50 hours a week every single week and once I get home, I just have no energy to do anything except sleep. Also, we had a bit of a mix up between myself and a few people about what was supposed the be happening about this forums section but that has all been cleared up just a few minutes ago. I am going to resume doing my normal posting on here and I hope that anyone and everyone who was even considering purchasing Star Citizen is still interested in joining the Star Citizen universe! Thank you very much for your time and I will see you around the 'verse!
  18. Alki

    Star Citizen - Gamescom Presentation

    A very good presentation by Chris and the whole CIG team. They are making some serious progress and they are showing us exactly how and when they do it. At the pace that they are doing things, I doubt it will be very long until Arena Commander v2.0 is launched and we can finally fly our Constellations! Also, sorry that I haven't been posting on here. I've been working 50 hours a week and I am totally worn out by the time I get home. See you around the 'verse!
  19. Personally, I've got the RSI Constellation and the MISC Freelancer Max. Getting ready for some serious cargo hauling!
  20. Alki

    Video Idea

    Even though i haven't been posting much on here, I get bored writing the posts so that makes me think that you guys get bored reading my posts. So I have a simple idea. I want to know what you guys prefer. Should I start making 2 or 3 minute long videos covering the topics that I choose or should i just keep doing it the way that i have been doing it. The videos will not be edited as I do not have the programs needed to edit them, but I feel like it will be a better alternative to the normal posting! Also in the videos, I will answer some of the questions that you guys ask me on here. Let me know what you guys think and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!
  21. Sorry about how many times i mess up guys! But this is basically the simple and short run down of what each ship does and what each ship can be used for. There isnt much to base all of this off of but CIG has released a few stats for every ship. I hope you guys like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h4AbpKT_SI
  22. Alki

    Arena Commander Patch!

    Arena Commander is Star Citizens' PvP zone/ pre-alpha flight testing module. In this patch they improved the response between their server and the users computer to create more fluid fighting,and they have altered your ships power consumption by doing things such as shooting or maneuvering. This makes your ship decide where power is needed more depending on what you are doing. But you can always buy a new power plant! Check out the whole patch in the link below! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14011-Arena-Commander-Patch-Update
  23. Star Citizen Star Citizen is an open world, space simulation/ role playing game. It is being produced by Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games. If you are not familiar with Chris Roberts, he has produced many other space and flight games such as Wing Commander. The game is crowd funded and has currently raised about $47,762,000. The game is currently in a pre-alpha stage and they have just released multiplayer dogfighting for you to practice flying your ship against your friends. This game is going to be absolutely gigantic and there will be a little something for everyone. Here are some links for you to check out if you want to learn more about the game! I hope to see you all around the fourms! If you have any questions i would be happy to answer them! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/about-the-game https://robertsspaceindustries.com/ https://robertsspaceindustries.com/about-rsi
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    Hey man! Nice application and I hope to see you around! I just have a few quick questions. Who have you met so far in the community? And, Do you have any questions or concerns that I can address?
  25. Alki

    WvW Training Agenda!

    Overview Every Monday, myself and the other Warlords run a WvW training class. This event is open to anyone, no matter your skill level or knowledge of WvW. The follow bullets are the topics that we are going to be going over in the coming weeks. These are in chronological order based on when we will be teaching them. The order was chosen to string all of the lessons together. Movement: This section will cover stacking on the commander, moving around during siege, and how to follow the group and not get left behind. This is a crucial part of WvW so it was deemed to be the first topic that we go over in our lessons. Targeting: This section will cover Player verses Player combat in WvW. We will go over how to target a single person out of a large group and quickly disperse of them. We will teach who to target, why, and how to string target together. Roles: This lesson will teach you what your class can do to help the group that you are doing WvW with. You will not be required to run a build but they will be very much encouraged. Sieging: During this installment, we will show you how to use siege and what type of siege is most effective against a particular type of defense. Scouting: This is a very essential part of WvW. We will teach you how to watch an enemy zerg while remaining unseen by them or without drawing much attention. Initiation/ HAVOC Grouping: This lesson will involve stacking might/swiftness, and it will involve taking supply camps at a quick pace. These things will be very important to use as one skill. Defending: This lesson will involve you learning how to help defend towers or keeps that can be vital to staging operations later on in the session. ​This is the plan for what we will be doing in the WvW training class in the coming Mondays. I Hope to see you join us on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday!