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  1. xUnitedx

    Deviant Void vVv Application

    Great application. I'am one of many from the uk. I look forward to playing with yeah.
  2. xUnitedx

    Carbon's CoD App

    Great Application bro and good luck with your app.
  3. xUnitedx

    New Call of Duty Team for vVv

    This is awsome news for the community and vVv
  4. xUnitedx

    United's Re-App Cod Xbox 1

    I know why arn't you online
  5. xUnitedx

    United's Re-App Cod Xbox 1

    Yeah can't wait to play with y'all again #BOOM
  6. xUnitedx

    United's Re-App Cod Xbox 1

    A have not had the chance yet but shall do shortly. Loving the xbox one it's awsome Mikey how are you doing lad, Good luck at i51 will be good to see how you's get on without me and zeeb leaving . Yeah mikey get it soon bro and yes it will be good to see us playing again sometime.
  7. xUnitedx

    United's Re-App Cod Xbox 1

    I never meant to say it jeez . Who is it anyway i may be interested.
  8. xUnitedx

    CGN has returned! (community game night)

    Hey y'all i'am really interested in doing this no matter the time difference. I need to get some practice in before i get back into competitive.
  9. xUnitedx

    Weeknight 8's Lobbies

    GT : IXII KYLE IIXI Looking forward to it brooo been a while since i last played with you all
  10. xUnitedx

    Phact CoD XB1 Application

    Hello mate welcome to the community just a word of advice a admin will change your username as you have to earn v's first before your a vVv Member. You could also change the colour of your answers so people on your application can see the better it also will look presentable. Other than that great application mate and great answer's . It's good to see another uk Lad on the community. My gt is IXII KYLE IIXI if you want to play sometime.
  11. xUnitedx

    United's Re-App Cod Xbox 1

    it's fine lol From Gb Willy he any good ?
  12. xUnitedx

    United's Re-App Cod Xbox 1

    Calm doon chief
  13. xUnitedx

    New Maps

    Yeah i pretty much don't like the re-design of dome it looks horrendous
  14. xUnitedx

    United's Re-App Cod Xbox 1

    Yassss ungrounded
  15. xUnitedx

    New Maps

    Hey guys, what doe's everyone think of the new map pack devastation ? Whats your thoughts ?