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  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to make a quick post stating that I will be scarce in the coming weeks as we are in the final push of our software release at work. If things go smoothly, I should return within a few weeks. I will be around and you may even catch me in a game of TF or two here and there but for the most part, I will be unavailable. Have fun, and I'll see you all when I get back!
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    Atlantean Syndra - Skin

    Or Fizz
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    2nd regeneration.....

    I hated the shotgun early on too but It's the best weap for on-site defense for Hardpoint or Capture the flag. The most important lesson I learned with the shotgun is to not shoot until you reach the "kill range". The shotgun play style definitely helps you learn to stop spamming because it's very easy to find a person attacking you after you hit them once. Shotgun + Counterweight = CAR destroyer
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    Titanfall PC roll call

    sounds good to me
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    Titanfall PC roll call

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    Maps and Callouts

    Where's Banana or catwalk?!
  7. Thanks! It took a while to get up with my work schedule and having to spend 2+ hours per game breaking down all the fantastic plays from our boys on vVv! I'm not sure if I will do the play by play breakdown in the future though due to time constraints unless everyone really likes having them. Feedback would be appreciated guys!
  8. Congrats buddy, now go play titanfall
  9. With a stellar win for the underdogs of vVv over the highly praised LoLPro team, vVv has officially advanced to the North American Challenger Series playoffs! Our boys in red and white are one step closer to being crowned the kings of the challenger scene, so I wanted to make a recap article to highlight some of the great play that brought them to this point. Let's start this party with a recap of the latest victory over LoLPro... that is if you have a few minutes to spare from playing Titanfall ! NOTE: Time stamps are for the In-game clock Game 1: LoLPro draws first blood This game kind of makes me sad because vVv had a terrific lead all the way until the final minutes of the match. vVv struggled with closing out this game and allowed too many opportunities for LoLPro to make a comeback, specifically, with leaving Tail's wide open to get to. It seemed that around the 35 minute mark that vVv started to get some miscommunications and bad timings which really hindered the progression of the game for our boys. While vVv lost this game, I believe that coming so close to a victory fueled their ambition for the following two matches. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t1RE-j8GkY&list=UUvqRdlKsE5Q8mf8YXbdIJLw&feature=share&index=3 3:25 - Get Snuggled and Heaven Time both come mid. Nyjacky and Heaventime pull out ahead forcing Get snuggled to base and Pekin Woof to farm under tower 3:40 - Cris all in's Hauntzer at level 3 and pulls out the first blood 9:05 - vVv takes first dragon with 4 members uncontested 9:23 - Nyjacky and Hauntzer dive cris at top. Cris Missed his Cask Explosion which would have probably killed Hauntzer for a 1 for 1 trade but instead ends up being a 0 for 1 trade in favor of LoLPro 11:06 - Get Snuggled and Cris dive past the t1 top turret chasing a weakened hauntzer down to the t2 turret burning two flashes to secure the kill. 13:47 - Nyjacky is caught in the enemy jungle by Get snuggled. Pekin Woof, Gaunty and Tails are nearby to secure the kill. Gaunty lands a magnificent hook over the Ancient Golem wall while Tails and Pekin Woof collapes with Get Snuggled onto Nyjacky. Nyjacky attempts to escape by flashing over the golem wall, however, gaunty is there to lay down the box. 15:19 - LoLPro secures the second dragon with 5 while vVv attempts to contest. vVv is split 3 and 2 which allows LoH to zone tails and get snuggled with tidal wave. Nyjacky follows up on get snuggled to attempt the kill while the rest of LoLPro collapses on the Gaunty, Pekin Woof and Cris. Pekin woof had plenty of room to lay down heavy poke with cris to push LoLPro out of the fight resulting in a 0 kill team fight. 19:06 - Heaventime initiates onto Pekin woof with skyfall as LoD, Nyjacky and LoH push up mid to dive with Heaventime under the t1 turret. LoH follows up the intiation with a 3 man tidal wave, however, no kills were secured. Pekin woof turns after the failed initiation by LoLPro and is able to take down heaventime with the assistance of Gaunty and Tails. 21:31 - LoLPro intiates the third dragon while vVv rushes down the ancient golem ramp to contest. Gaunty lays down a hook onto heaventime which is enough for Tails and Get snuggled to finish him off. With smite down, Cris flashes over the wall and lands a cask explosion onto Nyjacky which effectively forces LoLPro to retreat from dragon. vVv then secures the third dragon kill. 27:01 - Cris lands a great cask explosion onto LoH bringing LoH to less than 10% hp forcing LoH to retreat... unfortunately a heads up ult from Pekin Woof does not allow that to happen. This leads to vVv taking down the t3 mid turret and inhibitor. 28:05 - vVv goes for the fourth dragon immediately after securing the inhibitor turret and kills it before LoLPro is able to respond. Hauntzer dragon forms over the wall as vVv attempts to retreat from dragon going down before Heaventime and nyjacky have the change to flash over the wall to assist. Nyjacky ults heaventime and brings Pekin Woof extremely low. vVv takes the kill onto Heaventime and backs out before the rest of LoLPro has a chance to collapse. 34:10 - vVv attempts to siege the t3 turret at top but Hauntzer dragon forms onto 3 members of vVv while Heaventime lands a beautiful 5 man skyfall. LoH was able to follow up with a 5 man tidal wave while nyjacky chunked Gaunty, Pekin Woof and Tails into oblivion with glitter lance. The fight ends 5 for 0 in favor of LoLPro as Nyjacky chases down Get Snuggled in the jungle. 39:20 - Heaventime skyfalls onto vVv as they attempt to take the mid inhibitor causing Gaunty, Tails and cris to be caught by LoH's tidal wave. Tails gets seperated from the team by Hauntzer's dragon form which results in an early death. LoH flashes to aqua prison Pekin woof before he has a chance to duck into the jungle with Get snuggled, ensuring his death. LoLPro is able to even the mid lane out by taking the inhibitor off of vVv's hands. 41:42 - LoLPro secures the fifth dragon uncontested and catches Get Snuggled out near the ancient golem camp. 44:40 - LoLPro pushes down the bottom t3 turret and starts working on the inhibitor when Heaventime skyfalls into the back line of vVv ontop of Pekin Woof, quickly eliminating the yordle. 46:40 - As vVv is setting up vision at baron, LoLPro is able to catch Pekin Woof out by his wraiths forcing vVv into a bad fight in a bad position. LoLPro is able to overwhelm vVv's base and come out with the victory. Game 2: vVv strikes back Game 2 was a much more concrete performance from vVv although early game a bit shaky at first. It seemed as if LoLPro had momentum coming into this game when they made a call for a 4 man dragon nine minutes into the game. Unfortunately for LoLPro, Tails and the rest of vVv were hungry for a win and turned that 4 man dragon into a dragon steal plus 2 kills which set the tempo for the rest of this match. Gaunty and Get Snuggled did a fantastic job at keeping a front line in tact for Tails which was an issue in Game 1. This allowed Tails to get 11 kills with only 2 death including a penta kill. I don't think you can have a much better game in the NACS than this one, however, in order to make it to the LCS vVv will need to work on control and tempo. vVv needs to ensure that everyone is on the same page and communicating effectively because, at times I see Tails in a good position but Cris/Gaunty/Get Snuggled leaves him exposed for the enemy team. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01-mZc5mvmk&list=UUvqRdlKsE5Q8mf8YXbdIJLw&feature=share&index=1 9:45 - LoLPro takes 4 to dragon with Nyjacky sitting in the mid river brush. Nyjacky gets the jump on Pekin Woof bringing him to half health, however, grunty is able to land a 3 person solar flare. This gives Get snuggled enough time to stun heaventime and steal dragon away. Before losing his life to heaventime, Pekin Woof is able to assist Grunty and Tails in taking down LoD, resulting in a 2-1 plus dragon in vVv's favor. 12:33 - Get Snuggled roams down to bot lane and pushes up into the 2nd brush to set up a lane gank. LoH uses a ward to safely check the brush making Gaunty miss his zenith blade which gives heaventime enough time to get to lane and throw his ult onmto Get Snuggled. LoH throws our a 3 person tidal wave that resuts in LoD securing the kill on Heaventime. 13:15 - Cris roams the enemy jungle to try and steal red buff from hauntzer, but Nyjacky is quick to respond. Hauntzer lands a great pillar which forces Cris to dragon form out of danger. Meanwhile at bot, Heaventime, LoD and LoH continue to lay down pressure onto the lane bringing Gaunty very low under tower.\ 14:25 - Cris roams into the enemy jungle again and gets converged on by Nujacky, Hauntzer and heaventime resulting in a swift death. Pekin Woof and Get Snuggled are able to quickly react to this and bursted down heaventime and forcing Nyjacky to retreat. Pekin Woof and Get Snuggled then lock in the kill onto Huntzer. 15:50 - Nyjacky lands a decent cask explosion onto Pekin Woof which brings him so low that the purple caster minion is able to land the kill on Nyjacky's behalf. 16:12 - Heaventime, Hauntzer and Nyjacky push down mid and Heaventime vaultbreakers into a lonely Cris. Hauntzer follows up with a great pillar that forces Cris 2 steps off of the tower, which is enough time for Nyjacky to land his full combo and Hauntzer picks up the kill. vVv Answers this by getting a 3 man gank going in bot with Get Snuggled, Tails and Gaunty picking up a kill onto LoD and LoH past the t1 tower. 18:04 - Nyjacky lands a great Cask Explosion onto Pekin Woof which puts him into a bad position under the t1 mid tower with no minions alive. Heaventime capitalizes on this and Assault and Batteries into Pekin Woof to ensure that kill was picked up. 19:10 - Cris and Hauntzer begin dueling in top land and just as you think that Cris is going to die, Pekin Woof shows up to turn the tides onto Hauntzer. Pekin Woof is able to land the killing blow as Cris runs for his life. 19:20 - Get Snuggled skyfalls into the back of LoD and LoH as they push up bot lane, effectively trapping them. LoH seems to be off page with LoD as he goes to stop Get Snuggled as LoD goes all in onto Tails and loses his life. Heaventime makes it to bot lane just in the nick of time to get LoH out of battle. 20:40 - Nyjacky roams to bottom after all of the action has ended which allows Pekin Woof to get both the mid t1 turret and a kill onto heaventime. 23:40 - All 5 members of vVv secure an uncontested dragon kill and then Heaventime flash assault and batteries onto Pekin Woof as he distortions under tower and Get Snuggled skyfalls in onto LoD and LoH. The rest of vVv collapses onto Heaventime, LoD and LoH securing 3 kills. 25:00 - Get Snuggled, Cris and Pekin Woof push down middle and are caught in the enemy wolf camp by Hauntzer and Nyjacky resulting in a swift kill onto Get Snuggled. 26:26 - Get Snuggled Skyfalls onto the enemy team to assit with Cris's engage while Pekin Woof, Gaunty and Tails are able to clamp down on the team fight. Get snuggled is able to pick off Heaventime and LoD before turning with the team onto Nyjacky who took out Pekin Woof. Tails is able to take Nyjacky down resulting in a 3 for 1 in top lane and baron. 28:20 - Get Snuggled Skyfalls onto the t2 mid turret where LoD and LoH are being sieged by Tails and Gaunty picking up the kill onto LoD. 28:40 - The rest of vVv meets up in mid to push down the t2 turret, however, Gaunty and Cris are able to start a team fight onto Heaventime. Since both Gaunty and Cris chased Heaventime, Hauntzer is able to pin Tails down between the t2 and t3 mid turrets and pick him off. 32:00 - Heaventime engages onto Pekin woof at the bot t2 turret as LoH tidal waves 4 members of vVv, bursting down an over extended Pekin Woof. Hauntzer runs straight past the front line of vVv to make it onto Tails again while Get Snuggled is picked off by Heaventime, LoD and LoH. Gaunty is able to find a zenith blade into LoD which gives Tails enough time to scare him back. While chasing the rest of vVv, Tails is able to pick off Heaventime. 34:20 - Get Snuggled misses his skyfall onto LoD and Cris misses his dragon form as LoLPro seemingly collapses onto an out of positioned Cris. 35:15 - Nyjacky finds a cask explosion onto Gaunty and Get Snuggled making a 2 for 0 trade in favor of LoLPro. Pekin Woof tries to burst down LoD as he shows up a tad too late to the fight with Tails and is taken down by LoD. Assault and Battery is used onto Tails which locks him up long enough for Heaventime to kill him but not before Tails bursts down nyjacky and ignite kills LoD. 39:00 - Get Snuggled skyfalls into Hauntzer and the LoLPro team in the baron side brush of mid lane which is countered by a beautiful tidal wave/aqua prison combo from LoH. Cris is able to Dragon form over the mid wall onto LoD and Cris to zone them from the fight as Pekin woof drops dangerously low. Pekin Woof is able to get a kill onto LoD with Cris as he is taken down by Nyjacky. Heaventime is dropped dangerously low as Hauntzer and LoH are being reengaged on by Gaunty and a full hp tails. Heaventime takes out Cris as he is making his retreat. LoLPro backs off as tails is chunking them on the chase 42:03 - LoLPro gets 5man Skyfalled by Snuggled as they push the mid lan. Nyjacky lands a solid cask explosion seperating 3 members of vVv. Heaventime is taken down by Tails in the back of the fight as Nyjacky loses his GA. Gaunty lands a fantastic zenith blade onto LoD which ensures his death as Nyjacky revives from his GA. 43:00 - vVv attempts to force the baron as Nyjacky, LoH and Hauntzer are the only members alive for LoLPro. Cris and Pekin are able to take down Hauntzer as he tries to make his way into the pit in exchange for Pekin's life. This results in a baron kill for vVv. 44:10 - Snuggled lands with skyfall right on top of Nyjacky making a quick pick for the t2 mid tower. 44:50 - vVv pushes out onto the t3 turret with a 4v5 power play with baron picking up the mid inhibitor. 48:34 - Tails Penta kill and the win! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtYjU4MkQCA Game 3: vVv clinches playoff berth After 2 nail biting endings, vVv shifts into 5th gear as Gaunty and Snuggled amass a massive advantage in bot lane for Tails. Even though Heaventime, Nyjacky and Hauntzer tried their best in mid game to save the ship from drowning, it was too late. Tails had blown a hole the size of Saturn into the hull of LoLPro and it was only time before the ship went down. If our boys playing for vVv want to progress into the LCS, this is the game they need to replicate. The play was very tight and restrained without being conservitive. They made the right plays at the right times and capitalized on LoLPro's mistakes and short comings (such as not warding tri brush for 9 minutes after 2 successful ganks from snuggled through the jungle). Great job to everyone on vVv especially Pekin who is definitely an unsung hero in these games. While you may not have had a score like Tails, the amount of pressure you applied on zigs was CRAZZZZZZZZZY. Congrats on moving on up into the NACS Playoffs! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN6DjPeOzoU&list=UUvqRdlKsE5Q8mf8YXbdIJLw 3:35 - Gaunty lands a zenith blade onto LoH, causing LoH to use black shield. Little did LoH know that Get Snuggled was creeping into the lane behind LoLPro through tribrush, landing a vaultbreaker onto LoH (Surprise!). Gaunty follows up the vault breaker with Shield of Daybreak which allows Tails to take down LoH for first blood. 5:00 - Not too sure as to why LoLPro wouldn't ward their own tri brush as Get Snuggled had gotten a successful gank 2 minutes earlier, however, it allows Get Snuggled to come back to bot for a repeat gank. Snuggled lands a great vault breaker which gives Gaunty enough time to get in range with zenith blade to secure a second kill for tails onto LoH. 8:20 - LoLPro starts to set up a gank onto bot, however, they are met at the entrance to vVv's ancient golem ramp by Heaventime which leads to an easy kill for Snuggled. 9:27 - LoH lands a binding onto Gaunty, however, zenith blade doesn't care that he's binded. Tails is able to follow up bringing LoD down to below 20% hp when Pekin Woof drops his Mega Inferno Bomb in LoD's escape path. While LoD is able to flash out of the ultmiate, he flashes in range of Tails who is able to shave off the last 20% of hp. 11:20 - Gaunty lands ANOTHER zenith blade onto LoD and LoH as Snuggled races through the enemy jungle to eassit bot lane. Tails lays down a beautiful culling, tapping into the brain of LoD and bringing him down AGAIN. Snuggled finally makes it to the fight and begins the dive onto LoH but ends up backing off due to tails being too far back. 13:36 - Heaventime and Nyjacky decide that enough is enough and attempt to 4 man gank bottom lane. As they enter lane, LoH lands a nice ultimate onto Gaunty and Tails which results in a kill for Nyjacky. 16:35 - vVv has 4 men down at dragon as LoLPro rush out of their jungle to contest. As LoLPro come in, vVv backs off allowing LoLPro control of dragon and it's damage/debuff. Hauntzer uses his teleport to ensure that vVv backs of, however, Snuggled gets caught to the side of the dragon pit by Hauntzer's pillar. LoLPro are able to secure the first dragon off of this. 17:28 - "Gais pls, I beg... pls stawp!" That's what I imagine is going through LoH's head as gaunty and tails land another beautiful combo onto him resulting in a swift kill. As LoD is trying to escape, Peking Woof throws out another Mega Inferno Bomb in which LoD is able to flash away to safety. 18:20 - Nyjacky sees Tails in his jungle as he goes for a seemingly easy kill, but little did he know that snuggled was waiting in the flanks to set up a counter-gank. Hauntzer is able to make his way down to mid as get Snuggled and Tails start to retreat resulting in a kill onto Snuggled. 19:50 - Heaventime is waiting in the brush near his ancient golem as Snuggled comes in to get vision. Nyjacky is quick to react, distortioning over the wall to lay down some law resulting in a clean kill. 22:53 - Nyjacky and Heaventime catch Tails at the mid ramp entrance to the jungle, deleting him from existance. 27:19 - LoLPro has a bit of miscommunication as Hauntzer engages on Tails and Cris as the rest of LoLPro is maneuvering towards white wraith. Snuggled vault breaker's a bit too deep as he is destroyed before he is able to get back to his team. Cris is able to chase out LoD and secures a clean kill ending the fight in a 2-1 exchange in favor of vVv. 29:20 - Nyjacky is being surrounded by Cris, Gaunty, Tails and Pekin woof and while he is able to back off, it leaves LoH in a vulnerable position behind the enemy team resulting in a death at the hands of Tails. Heaventime is too late to help LoH escape which allows Cris, Snuggled, Tails and Pekin woof to take down LoD. Cris over extends as the team pulls off to chase Hautzer into the jungle which gives Nyjacky an opening to take him out. 31:45 - Snuggled Lands a beautiful vault breaker from mid brush over the wall onto LoD, chunking him to half hp as the rest of LoLPro starts to engage. Snuggled follows up with a beautiful 3 man Assault and Battery as Pekin Woof lands a 4 man Mega Inferno Bomb which takes out both LoD and LoH. Heaventime is able to land a nice ultimate on to Pekin Woof which provides the rest of LoLPro some time to retreat. 32:20 - vVv is in the midst of taking baron when Heaventime baits cris to dragon form over the back wall of baron. This allows Nyjacky a chance to pick off Gaunty and Snuggled who are both sitting critically low in the baron pit with Pekin. LoLPro decides to back off after losing Heaventime since there was no smite available. 35:20 - LoLPro makes their final stand at the top t3 turret but it's too late. Pekin picks off Heaventime out of the base (why he was there... who knows?). Because of this, Cris is able to dragon form past the turret onto LoD and makes quick work of him. vVv pushes forward and is able to secure the victory with 20 seconds remaining on the respawn timer of Heaventime. Series MVP: vVv Tails [ 22/5/19 : 8.2KDA ] I'm about 10 seconds away from making a parody video of "Teach me how to dougie" to be "Teach me how to Luci" inspired by Tails. Tails put on a clinic Sunday evening in games 2 and 3 on how to not only play Lucian, but how to play smart. A lot of marksmen can get in trouble by positioning inappropriately but Tails was spot on all night using his team, brushes and the fog of war to edge out a positional advantage in almost every team fight. Ending the series with a 8.2 KDA, It's safe to say that Tails may be the best Lucian NA... sorry Imaqtpie but you've lost your crown! Congratulations vVv Tails for being this week's MVP!
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    Titanfall Team

    Anyone interested in forming a serious team for titanfall?
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    X1 - What do u guys think?

    Fool, you've activated my trap card!
  12. poppy is actually really strong in the support role. Once Poppy is six, she can ult the support and take 0 dmg from the adc on engagements. Her W+Q combo hits like a truck and her stun when E'd into a wall is long as hell. There was a Poppy Main Challenger AMA last week on reddit that was very insightful.
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    3/3/14 Updates - R.I.P Annie Support

    Hey SoreScar, thanks for your input... a few things to note: 1. The range change for Annie's auto attacks was mentioned in my original posting, however, on 3/4 riot reversed those changes. 2. Annie's base damage was nerfed while her scaling was buffed. This is a change that makes Annie player's who build support weaker late game. It takes over 300ap to make those abilities do more damage than what Annie is currently doing on live. It's very hard to generate enough gold on a support to hit 300ap (lets be honest, this happens once in a blue moon) therefore the damage you will be doing on annie will be weaker compared to the damage she currently does. If the auto attack range nerf had not been reverted, then Annie would be dead as a support in my eyes.
  14. Spard

    3/4/2014 PBE Updates - R.I.P Elise Jungle

    The formatting for these forums is so frustrating, I've fixed the spacing like 1000000 times and it keeps going back to triple/quadruple spacing.
  15. ----- 3/4 CHAMPION CHANGES ------------------------------------------- Elise [Hoodwinked]: As there are several ways to skin a cat, there are several ways to jungle. Choosing the right jungler usually depends on the type of game your team is trying to play. Typically, there are 3 aspects to a champions "strength" in the jungle: 1. Camp Clear Speed 2. Gank Potential 3. Mobility. Most of the time, the top tier junglers excel in 2 of the 3 categories, however, in Elise's case... she has always excelled in all 3 areas. Elise is a high velocity jungler, with great mobility and terrific gank potential which can be devastating in any team composition. The problem I have always had with Elise is that she is just too damn good at everything. Riot is taking steps to rectify this by nerfing the base damage to Neurotoxin and Venomous Bite against enemy Champions and Monsters. What's interesting is that the base damage nerf to these abilities is not "devastating" to Elise's play against enemy champions, however, the bonus damage against monsters being reduced by 50% will hamstring her strength from the jungle. While she still has a pretty fantastic kit to keep her viable, she will be spending a few extra seconds at each camp, which effectively reduces the amount of opportunities Elise will have to gank during early and mid game. Elise's Cocoon stun duration was also reduced at ranks 1 and 2 to 1s and 1.25s stun duration from 1.5s at all ranks. This will make Elise's early game gank potential much less effective. Did Riot go too far with these nerfs is the real question though: Neurotoxin ( Q ):Current Damge: 40/80/120/160/200 Current Monster Bonus Damage: 60/120/180/240/300 PBE Damge: 40/75/110/145/180 PBE Monster Bonus Damage: 50/75/100/125/150 Venomous Bite ( Q ):Current Damage: 60/110/160/210/260 Current Monster Bonus Damage: 60/120/180/240/300 PBE Damage: 60/100/140/180/220 PBE Monster Bonus Damage: 50/75/100/125/150 Cocoon ( E ):Current Stun Duration: 1.5s at all ranks PBE Stun Duration: 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 1/1.3/1.5/1.8/2 (3/5/2014) Rappel ( E ):Current Cooldown: 26/24/22/20/18 PBE Cooldown: 26/23/20/17/14 Ezreal [too ez]: Nothing major is going on here with ezreal. Riot has brought up Ez's AP scaling with mystic shot which will give his poke a bit more potency. In my opinion, this is just a slight adjustment in an attempt to bring Ezreal back in line with the other tier 1 adc's. Mystic Shot ( Q ):Current AP Ratio: 0.2*AP PBE AP Ratio: 0.4*AP Heimerdinger [Who touched my turret?!]: Heim has always been considered a troll pick, but what people don't realize is that he's a beast when a skilled and experienced player picks him. Not much going on here other than a slight nerf to the cooldown on the H-28G Evolution Turret's Attack Beam. People will still flame others for playing him, and people will keep underestimating his strength. H-28G Evolution Turret ( Q ):Current Attack Beam Cooldown: 10s PBE Attack Beam Cooldown: 12s Master Yi [Yi-ppie!]: Highlander received a minor buff today granting immunity to all slowing effects as opposed to all movement reduction effects. I can only assume that this means Highlander will make Yi immune to any attack speed reduction effects, such as attacking enemies with Warden's Mail. Twisted Fate [i whip my cards back and forth]: I always thought TF was an insanely fun apc tp play. Since season 2, there hasn't been much love for TF as he kept getting nerfed due to the strength of his ultimate. Currently, TF is in a state where there is just too much risk and not enough reward to play him. Riot is slightly increasing the scaling to Pick a card to try and bring him back in line with other mid laners. I don't think this change alone is enough to accomplish that, however, I do think that we will see a few more tweaks in upcoming days. Pick A Card ( W ):Current AP Ratio: 0.4*AP PBE AP Ratio: 0.5*AP Udyr [Moar Stuns]: What can I say about Udyr? I mean he's this big ol' tank that can put out some good damage and cause his target to just want to kill themselves due to how annoying his kit is. Udyr's main problem is that he's extremely susceptible to being kited/CC'd which is a huge turn off. Riot is reducing the time between bear stance's stun being able to be proc'd which should give him a little more strength. Positive change for Udy and I like it. Bear Stance ( E ):Current Time between Stuns: 6s PBE Time between Stuns: 5s