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  1. Hey man are you ok? Are you ok health wise or something? I don't see any new post or anything going on.
  2. Vall your post makes not since what so ever, "CGNS shouldn't be a main focus, with the results in the past." then you state "Maybe focus on ideas on how to make CGN better or more enjoyable. So how do we focus on CGN's to make it better but CGN's should not be a main focus? "Again just having a polls were some not all will commit doesnt help." actually they do, these are gamers that are ready to get this back in running and excited for it. Yeah some may not vote but by looking at their posts you can see that they are interested and want to do it so they what this to happen. Ghost sucked so thats why "CGNs that have failed time and time again" (you where on Destiny though), but in reality MikEvil was running it others still did the CGN's or 8's and we did what ever we could with what ever amount of people that showed up. The reason is for this is to bring in see what time we can make it so all people from all time zones including the EU to be able to play as a community and we can fix things up things so we can make it better.
  3. If you want it back please vote for it so we see now how many CoD gamers want to play 8's and CGN's Its a mix thing. We can see ok on days we play 8's or the competitive nights that what we do, it want to go to the CGN's and joke around and stuff we can do that, but if others want to start playing 8's then we can switch so we can do that. It's all about and what the people wish to do so we can make CoD the best as possible.
  4. We do have 8 people that voted yes. Main Points: -I think that 8's should be the competitive MLG style matches, the CGN's can be both competitive or just having fun and just having everyone in CoD getting to know each other and just relax, but if we want to start playing like 8's then it should be no problem. -If there is not 8 people we can still play 6's, or if 4 are on we can dominate the pubs -I did not like how it was run in Ghost with the "captains" because other players who where that good as the higher skilled players never got picked, example: I was know I not the best player because of that there where times I would sit out like 3-4 games due to the captains only picking the top level players. So that should be removed. -I can keep tabs on how many games each person played and keep it so all players should play the same amount of games (with my 2nd monitor), and each match will be auto assign so one team is not op. Our Main issues: Time due to the time areas we have EU, est, and so on. What days would be the best to run theses and we have the most players who wish to join this online. Please Read: I made a new topic that will be an add on to this one that we can pick the best days and times to play for so we can get the most people to be able to join. Please Click Here to take the poll on your best days, times, and time zones.
  5. After you vote fill out the poll feel free to give suggestions and options. At this time I am stating its at 5pm east: So please place your opinion or suggestions that your think would be the best time. Like I said all opinions are welcome any of thing will help the CoD Division so we can bring back the CGN's and 8's
  6. Ummm there is already a poll on this at the on the first page at the top of the page.
  7. No offense why is this a product? We are not selling it. This is an idea of something that both applicants and members would love to do, by placing the poll up there I wished to see how may people like this idea to work, and then make it happen. Their are already 8 people voting yes so we can make this work, we can do this if they want it due it. Skippy For your odd comment: We did have a lot of Ghost (game sucked) CGN's when MikEvil was running them, we still had CGN's, 8's or CvC's, or Pubs, and we played what we could with the amount of people that joined. It was on just the game, but based to have other members have fun gaming and get to know the others in the CoD Division.
  8. we asked him 2 times already and he does not look like to be a posting person
  9. Hey man welcome to the community! You have a good app you just need some things that can make it better: As Vall mentioned is color. Please do not use all white text, can you please change it to something like this: Question:Answer, Question:Answer, Question:Answer (main colors) Please at any point DO NOT use Blue due to it makes it hard to use: Question:Answer Pleas place a pic of yourself as your avatar, if you have not please fill out the "About Me" Section your profile. If you need help in anyway please feel free to send me a PM or just ask in your application. Good Luck vVv WooTang (If you wish to add me my name is my GT)
  10. I know you would be 100 in on this because you loved these events.
  11. I have a suggestion for every person that votes Yes to this please place a new topic in the Forums that talks about the CGN's and 8's and how great they where when we had them on Ghost. Then place a link to this survey, from there we can brainstorm of all the things that can make it work.
  12. I admit my grammar is not good I am not ashamed to admit that, it's my mind is working faster than what I can type, so I add/remove words or just make it look awkward. Please help me on that, Just PM me how you would type this up and stuff and I can edit it to make it better. Bullet Empty Your PM's I Can't Sent Any To You!
  13. Sucks that you wish to leave but it's your decision, and here at vVv you are always welcome around. Don't worry we will always welcome back when you see it's the best time for you.
  14. What the hell happened you? After your fun with your Rambo knife you dropped of the whole community map. I guess I don't need to explain to you what to do and how everything is going due to this is your 2nd application. Good Luck.
  15. Now that CoD: AW is in full blast; I would like to see how many people are interested in bringing back the CGN's (Community Game Nights)? For new applicants that don't know what these are: CGN's are events where we bring all of the CoD Division applicants and members together, so people can be introduced and get to know each other. We play using a random game type and the same rules you will find associated with that game type on GameBattles. Captains are picked; Members are drafted; Then you will either play each other or venture out and play some Public games. Our goal is to get at least 1 full lobby each CGN (4v4). Please tell me what you think about restarting the CGN's. Feel free to add suggestions or comments below! We are going to need everyone involved with vVv CoD to help make these event a reality and I would love to see a lot of support coming from our already accepted members.
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