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  • Birthday 06/18/1988

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    David Diamond
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    Tampa, FL
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    Constant Ph33r
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    League of Legends, Starcraft, WOW, Dota and many others I can't think of
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    Everything, I am not picky.
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    Star Wars....that's it. There is no other movie that compares.
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    Every genre you can think of.
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    I am a graphic design artist with a heart for gaming, I don't game as hard as I used to however I still play. I am Martial Artist first. I have been for 15 years, and that is my number one passion, and will continue as long as I am able to do so. I am worker, a student, a boyfriend, a son, and a brother.

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  1. SageRonin

    Name change

    I am thinking of changing my gamertag from SageRonin to PervySage,Any thoughts? Some of my friends say it wouldn't be right, others say it may attract a lot of people to my stream.
  2. SageRonin

    vVv Re Enters CS:GO

    Good luck!!! I wish you guys the best
  3. Hey you still looking for a team to play with?


  4. You still looking for a group? I think my team needs a support.
  5. SageRonin

    What happened to this game?

    With WoW the only story quest I cared to read was in Pandaria. I have always loved the Pandarians so to read anything on their lore excites me.
  6. SageRonin

    What happened to this game?

    Fallout 4 has pulled me away from everything I normally play. It's like a breath of fresh air with the smallest hint of glitches.
  7. SageRonin

    What happened to this game?

    The game itself isn't really that great, it plays just like any other MMO. It doesn't do anything to really stand out other than the cinematic dialog, however the story lines are rich with content. anyone interested in expanding their star wars knowledge should play this game. I think the only people still sticking around are the true hardcore star wars fans or the fans who loved KOTOR. I don't know if this next expansion is going to generate the revenue that bio-ware expected. I honestly wish this game still had the traffic it did on release. "I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror..."
  8. SageRonin

    In house League matches

    Our Ranks vary. I didn't even start ranking this season. I pretty sure most of my friends are silver and above.
  9. SageRonin

    In house League matches

    Just to be sure, tonight is the night you guys play league with in house matches correct? I have a full team and we could use the practice.
  10. SageRonin

    PC or Console

    I'll be playing PC mostly. I think the only thing I am playing console is Halo 5 and Destiny.
  11. SageRonin

    I am back, hopefully for good

    I have finally reached the surface. I can feel the light that is gaming cascading across my cheek as I break through the dark hole that I call responsibilities. Life has a funny way of making you think you can't do something. It's until you realize that nothing can stand in your way that you have full control. Sometimes you have to set the sword down, but that doesn't mean you're out of the fight. Well now that I am here and I am back hopefully I can resubmit my application and become an official vVv gamer. In the meantime I will be streaming all my game play from my twitch: www.twitch.tv/sage_ronin come by and hangout, if anyone wants to play league OR any other game let me know I would love to get to know the new family member of vVv as well as catch up with any of the existing =) GAME ON MY FRIENDS!!!!
  12. Man I want to play borderlands

  13. Hello my lovely warrior gamers!

  14. What is up! Hit me up if you need some GFX

  15. At work. If anyone needs any graphic stuff done let me know!