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  1. TheAmpeD

    Release Date! March 3

    Idk dude, I can't find your name lol. Just add me, my character name is Im_Amped
  2. TheAmpeD

    Release Date! March 3

    Is. Balls ? That would explain why.
  3. TheAmpeD

    Release Date! March 3

    Lol. All good man, been having some fun learning the game and whatnot. Very interesting to say the least. Only at level 29, gonna pop 30 probably tomorrow.
  4. TheAmpeD

    Release Date! March 3

    I sent you a friend request a few days ago my man
  5. TheAmpeD

    Release Date! March 3

    How did I expect a name like that. And alright, yea like I said I probably wont be on until a bit later, got raid and some work that I want to get done.
  6. TheAmpeD

    Release Date! March 3

    Ight, I'll make a character on there. Whats your ign?
  7. TheAmpeD

    Release Date! March 3

    Alright, I bought it. I'll be raiding tonight until about 12pm central, then I will most likely be working a bit more on my project's prototype. Afterwards I should be able to check out BDO for a bit.
  8. TheAmpeD

    Release Date! March 3

    Hahah. Yea for sure man, I'll make another post in this thread when I pick it up.
  9. TheAmpeD

    Release Date! March 3

    Yea I'll be taking a looksie at em, figure it out once I buy the game.
  10. TheAmpeD

    Release Date! March 3

    Yea for sure my main man, I'm still up in the WoW raiding scene so I'll probably end up grabbing it and starting up this weekend though. As for class I was considering looking into the Ranger, Sorc, and Witch.
  11. TheAmpeD

    Release Date! March 3

    Anybody here actually playing BDO? Considering picking it up sometime this week.
  12. TheAmpeD

    11/24/10 Little Update

    So I've been really busy with college and shit namely still pledging Pi Kappa Alpha and how I've been putting in a solid 6 hours a day of work in the gym so I really haven't had many opportunities to sit down and really think and work on my idea. Now I have pretty much everything I want with this game essentially stuck in the dark recesses of my mind but I really need to take and put it all to paper, aka WordPad. So, now that I'm on my little Thanksgiving break, aside from spending too much time watching college basketball, I've been working on my ideas. Onto what I've done so far. I'm working on completing my "rough draft" and vague outline of the lore of the world. Once I finish the outline I'll be going extremely in-depth into major events and whatnot. I have also taken and, as fitting to the lore written so far, I've just about completely settled on the idea of a two race system. And yes it is pretty much what is expected, the two races basically hate each other, are constantly at each others throats, and are pretty much in a huge war.....or are they? Hehehe. I'm not entirely bought into the idea of it, but I should be able to pull it off, after all I plan on incorporating an extremely in-depth customization of characters namely the facial construction so using only two races could in my opinion make that alot easier to do. I have right now, pretty much "confirmed" eight classes that, of course, both races will be able to pick from. They are pretty much the standard type of classes with different names. I mean, really, it's damn near impossible to make different classes unless you pull out of that "era", but that is just my opinion of course. I'll go ahead and just give the names, you can figure out the rest . 1.) Necromancer (my personal favorite) 2.) Ranger 3.) Wizard 4.) Fighter 5.) Cleric 6.) Barbarian 7.) Assassin 8.) Bard I'm hoping you guys enjoyed this little entry and hint into what I'm doing here. Keep an eye out for some more entries and my progress into this idea of mine. Peace
  13. Alright guys, as some of you may know and for those who don't too bad, I've started college this semester at the University of Southern Mississippi. I'm studying computer science and plan to receive a masters in that and some type of business degree most likely. I plan to use that degree to hopefully one day begin my own gaming industry, and with that gaming industry comes, of course you guessed it, video games. And that my friends ( and people I don't give two shits about) is what I'm typing this for. Now, this is my first blog ever....ever..ever ever ever. And I don't in particular plan to get all fancy or what not. As a matter of fact, this one might be the longest one I'll ever do. This is going to be about my first true game idea that I'm going to go through with. I personally have always been a fan of MMORPGs, mainly F2P so I really didn't get to play around much. The main ones I have played though are Guild Wars and WoW, yes I know WoW isn't F2P. But by playing MMORPGs and being the kind of guy that I am, I naturally wanted to make my own eventually. I've had multiple ideas for MMORPGs since I was like 5 years old. Now there is a story to be told behind that. Back when I was that young, my parents would never let me play a computer game that required monthly payments and I always saw and read about awesome kickass MMORPGs that you had to pay for, so I would create my idea that I would make my own game and be able to play it without paying. Now that I'm 18 years old, studying computer science, and hope to achieve my childhood dreams.....well, here we are. First things first, some of you won't give two shits about this, some of you will think I'm an idiot, some of you just hate me for I don't know just saying. Well, when it comes to you people, shut the fuck up and don't read anymore. BAM! Now, onto the game and whatnot. Unlike most people that want to say "HeY GuIzzzZ Iz mAkin Dis AwesOmeE GamZorz" and "I'm making the next best WoW!" and "I'm making the best MMORPG EVAR!!!". I'm not really saying that. Of course, I'd love for this idea to be completed and compete with the likes of WoW and become known as one of the best MMORPGs ever, but now after reading up on some different MMOs and what some people think about them in different blogs all over and shit...I'm really just aiming for an enjoyable experience that won't consume your life, but that you would like to continue to play, and a game world where you feel so incredibly immersed and where you feel like you truly do have a purpose and a stake in the world. Will it happen? Shit, fuck if I know, but you're a damn idiot if you think I'm not gonna try. Going into the actual game itself: Right now, I have very little done to be honest unfortunately. I have some general ideas about different things and I actually have a few files on my laptop with lists of just basically random shit and ideas to try to throw into the game if possible pretty much. Currently though, I'm working on my rough draft of the lore of the World of Adalor (SPOILER NERDS). Anyways, like I was saying...I'm working on the lore right now to lead up to the time of the game and don't you worry there will be plot twists like a mothafucka! But really, I'm going to try to make it original and not fucking cheesy and shit. Really, that is about it. I just figured hey, I'm working on this idea, what better place to put it than on the vVv site in a blog series type thingy where a slew of gamers and MMOers (cwatididthar) visit? So uh yea, pretty much if anything pivotal happens or whenever I get bored and feel like bullshitting about this idea it'll be put in here. If you guys have any suggestions for the game throw me a pm or comment on this here, just don't ask questions about the game cause I won't answer them. Whatever I throw out here about this idea, is what I'm telling people period naw mean cuh? But really, that is about it for my first ever blog entry and for my first entry to this series.