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  1. I don't have the bandwidth or interest to engage in vVv anymore. Nor is it an organization I wish to represent any longer. If you want to keep in touch, send me a PM to add me on FB.
  2. What was the point in taking all these donation suggestions?
  3. I'm so happy about the ashe changes. I can't wait for it to go live. (:
  4. The other team was OGZ Resistance which is a community team for Olympus Gamers.
  5. Updated weekly! (: 1. SunnyHasTinyD & Team Team Teamwork Team 4 - 2 / 67% Win Rate 2. BlameItOnJiggy 0 - 4 / 0% Win Rate Team BlameItOnJiggy will be playing 2 matches in Week 3 to make up for the game in Week 2.
  6. Awesome news, congrats! (:
  7. I read something about tryouts between Incarnation and Yusui.
  8. I really hope incarnati0n isn't the replacement. :C
  9. Source I'm sooooo saddddd and yet slightly happy for C9's future. I'm really happy they're keeping Hai on though in a support / administrative position though.
  10. OGZ Resistance wins! 2 - 0
  11. Attending a trade show Sunday / Monday (the day after the 1v1 tournament) and acting as 1 of 3 social media people for the entire event. & swag bags. 'nuf said... I'll probably be around Monday night / Tuesday morning.
  12. Oh was thinking of the vs thing. not the other way around. :V fixed.
  13. Congrats to SunnyHasTinyD for winning 2 - 0 this week!
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