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  1. OSH

    A Challenge issued !!!!

    Somehow I'm always somewhat sympathetic for the robber when I hear stories like this. I suppose it goes to show the lengths we can stretch to if we find ourselves desperate.
  2. OSH

    Why do you game?

    Always was and always will be an entirely social beast for me. I've met so many different people over the years, each with their own interesting story and the relationships i've built have helped me in many ways through life... and it's always nice to have a group of people that you can chat to who you just get along with naturally.
  3. OSH

    The legalization of Marijuana?

    As Soap said have a browse through the section and if you want to make a post there feel free! There are loads of threads that have discussed this extensively.
  4. OSH

    Any Fellow Atheists?

    A little learning is a dang'rous thing; Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring: There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, And drinking largely sobers us again.
  5. OSH

    What's your opinion on suicide?

    You're right in saying that you need to treat mental illness (and all medicine in fact) on a case by case basis. But yeah, most people with schizophrenia recover? ...and Depression is sometimes incurable? Why do you make stuff up? Maybe science just isn't your thing or something, but don't invent, I will catch you out!
  6. OSH

    Razer acquires OUYA -

    OUYA? Fill me in, what applications does this new tech have?
  7. OSH

    Any Fellow Atheists?

    The differences between whites/blacks are due to epigenetic changes that have occurred as a direct result of adaptations to our environment, it's a fantastic example of “observable” evolution. Your poor grasp of the scientific concept doesn't make it incorrect (indeed a lot of your POV have been based off bad science - interesting...). Evolution doesn't say we evolved from rocks, it states we evolved from a simple life form to the complex. NOT how it got there. We have an explanation for how atoms were formed and we also have an explanation of how life evolved... you are the one who tried to fill in the gaps by mashing two theories together. Yeah, I go to mass every other Sunday when I get the time. I have never heard anyone talk so much nonsense. “Stuff kept in sub-zero freezers have due dates...” *sigh* gross misunderstanding again... you can look up how to store something to keep forever (or at least a very, very long time) on the internet, as I said previously: absence of MOISTURE, HEAT and LIGHT. Also see: Lake Vostok. New genomes added spontaneously??? lol??? To use a quote from earlier, do you know what a genome is? This makes it crystal clear you have no idea what you are talking about. Oh and please use the enter key, press twice for a paragraph.
  8. OSH

    Any Fellow Atheists?

    This is just bad science coupled with terrible logic. You can go look up papers yourself (sciencedirect.com) but i'll give you a few simple experiments. Small scale evolution: Go fetch yourself some antibiotic, pour agar plates, and culture some bacteria. Put a spot of antibiotic in middle of the plate and leave for 24hr, revisit plate (you'll see nothing) 48hr revisit again - bacteria will grow where it previously didn't as it evolved to resist the chemical. Add in obvious controls and you have yourself an experiment. Larger scale: Skin colour, sweat glands of average westerner v.s. those living in amazon rainforest (look google) Beak length Wolves/dogs etc etc Even larger: Go to a museum You have misinterpreted what scientists mean when they say, "we are related to monkeys" - in the same way we are related to sloths (and any other mammal you can think of). Go to a museum. Go outside and look at any strangely coloured rock the colours are impurities (ions/minerals etc) that have been incorporated into the rock - if kept in particular environments they will remain that way for millenia, the point isn't how quickly the minerals became incorporated into the rock it is how they were preserved over time. Again, go to a museum. The rest is just nonsense... "the problem is that we have scientist who find evidence, such has blood in a dinosaur, and all the sudden what was common knowledge that blood and tissue only last a few years has now been completely changed because it contradicts the theory! This is the argument of evolution is to change what the facts show to fit the theory. " ??? GO TO A MUSEUM... in particular environments you can keep ANY biological material for as long as you wish. e.g. Cold, no oxygen, no moisture...
  9. The difficulty here is that the smarter kid will up the dosage to enhance performance - this cannot be monitored outside of drug testing (which has difficulties in itself) Good point, but I feel that after ~7-8 years of competitive CoD (at least i hope!) that teams have more or less perfected their practising routines and schedules, drugs give that extra edge.
  10. Yeah i think there was a discussion somwhere along these lines in another thread in this section about drugs in eSports. I wonder if it is the fact that player is taking the drug illegally that is the problem, would a player taking it under prescription escape? Then what about all the other performance enhancing drugs that we have out there that are legal?
  11. OSH

    Any Fellow Atheists?

    First off simmer down (we haven't even started). I'll give you a buy this time, but don't insult me. Just to be clear, i'm specifically making reference to the creation story, “God made everything within 6 days, 10'000 years ago.” Although those examples (smoking etc) were conjectures (you'll find they had no evidence to support their viewpoint - just opinions - the lawyers played on this fact with careful wording) i'll play the devils advocate... this is the fantastic thing about science! We base our knowledge and understanding on empirical findings! Indeed popular opinion isn't always correct, what I was illustrating was that it's strange that even the heads of pretty much all major religions agree that evolution did indeed occur, with the stance that God may have influenced it being accepted (surely that makes one wonder?). You're also correct in saying that evolution is a theory, but ‘just’ a theory? It's not like someone made a few scrawls on a page and elders accepted this... the theory of evolution has stood up to the intellectual scrutiny of science for the best part of the last century (and even Darwin got things wrong!). This is pretty solid. It seems you have something misunderstood, if two people look at a scientific paper and draw two different conclusions THAT IS NOT SCIENCE. You either accept that the evidence is strong enough or you don't (fortunately we have statistical tests to do this for us - no human judgement needed). Ignorance v.s. reason =/= different worldviews. PRECISLELY! Religion does not contradict science, it does not (and shouldn't) attempt to explain the mechanisms behind the world as we see it (science does that with empiricism). With this in mind, why do you still insist that evolution didn't occur? ...and @B Easy, you haven't got away... I'm still waiting on you to share your knowledge base and respond.
  12. OSH

    What The Hell Happened to vVv?

    Any thoughts on the few suggestions posted in page 2? Not sure if they have been graced over by the more lengthy responses ITT.
  13. OSH

    What The Hell Happened to vVv?

    - Motivate people by gradually upping their responsibility - fear eventually fades. - Bring back the community feel, bring everyone together once/twice a week and run community-wide events (EVERYONE gets involved). All it would take it a simple garrysmod night and a lot of fun can be had with something so simple. - Recruit/develop effective leaders, the only way to do this is to personally show what good leadership looks like, this comes from the top. (again gradual ramping of responsibility) - What happened to all those people who did so, so much (Medusa, Jose and many, many more) why do they eventually fizzle out? Is there a problem to be solved here?
  14. OSH

    What The Hell Happened to vVv?

    Never followed GW2 but I can agree in so far as we lack effective leaders, but with Jerry back is this still an issue? Perhaps for the individual games. There isn't just one specific problem ofc, there are many all feeding off each other.