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  1. So real life. BILLS BILLS BILLS....

  2. I got them Spaghetti moves!!

    1. Daviepants
    2. JosePepowner


      You cant even I cant even. Who cant even you cant even but if you cant even and I cant even who can even.

  3. Really frustrated right now. Stuck between a rock and a hard place and it sucks.

  4. Hmm. Patch update what will I grind for nexxt.

  5. JosePepowner

    That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

    Well Ranko I want to say nice work buddy keep it up and I wish you the best at everything you do.
  6. JosePepowner

    How it all started

    Wow I can't believe I was here for most of this it makes me look back at to how much time has flown by.
  7. JosePepowner

    Titanfall is the most important FPS of this decade

    I would play with everyone at vVv but sadly I'm on pc (sarcasm on sadly) doesn't mean I'm not getting it but it does mean I won't be playing with the bulk of y'all. Also amazing write up this has made me absolutely want to buy this game.
  8. JosePepowner

    No Hope chapter 4

    Dude put it in a spoiler tag dont want to ruin it for people
  9. JosePepowner

    No Hope chapter 4

    Another good read thanks for posting Vall now let's get that next chapter already.
  10. JosePepowner

    No Hope chapter 3

    Nice job you told the story of the father and I like that. Keep it going. They're a couple of errors here and there but other than that it's really good.
  11. JosePepowner

    Building a "Steaming Computer"

    Hey nice write up but did you ever see my post a couple months back it is on the tech forums of vvv. Still kind of unfinished but it is essentially explains everything in depth. You might want to read it your self might clear some things up. Not trying to sound like a jerk.
  12. JosePepowner

    No Hope chapter 2

    Nice work, waiting for part 3.
  13. JosePepowner

    No Hope- chapter 1

    Not bad didn't see the zombie thing coming. There are a few grammatical errors,but nothing to bad. Nice work keep it going look forward to reading more.