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    The Spoon Returns

    So many of you have most likely heard stories about the great SilverSpoon (Formally, and hopefully again vVv_SilverSpoon) but I am now here today to re-introduce myself to the community that I had called home for those years and hopefully you welcome me back =) A little bit about myself: Real name: Zachary Wade, just Zack is fine. Gamer tags: Silverspoon, Mia The Titan Most played games (Currently): League, GW2, Dirty Bomb, Battlerite, Destiny, FFXIV Favorite Color: Pink Favorite tv show: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Are you a brony?: You can say I am, but I just like the show, I own a few shirts and have some art as well as all the songs saved to my PC but I'm more on the tame side of the word Brony then most people associate with it. I would really love to get back into vVv as a member (plan to become more active again now that I'm not being juggled around shifts at my work.) and my goals in life are pretty simple right now, keep on working to pay my bills, play games, and work on my writing and hopefully get either a coach/analyst position for an e-sports organization or any form of writer/journalist. My degree from college was in for Business Finance and Marketing. So even if I were to get a position as a branding agent that would be fine by me. I love vVv and am glad to see that someone like Bagzli is at the helm, even though he and I had some issues in the past I feel that they made us stronger friends and "co-workers." If you have any questions about me or anything I do/talked about just go ahead and ask. I'm pretty open about everything. <3 Zachary "SilverSpoon" Wade
  2. SilverSpoon

    The Spoon Returns

    Oh i do play Rocket League, but I only play it on PS4. I'm not MLG enough for PC Rocket League.
  3. SilverSpoon

    Guild Wars PvP Group

    Hey man! Nice to meet you, please message me in game or send me a PM here! (I am one of the three guild leaders of our vVv Guild in Guild Wars 2.) If you would like to talk more in depth about this its something that I am very much looking for people who are interested in the PvP scene even if its just watching games and taking notes!
  4. SilverSpoon

    Dirty Bomb

    Ive been playing it almost non-stop since I downloaded it. The game is amazing.
  5. SilverSpoon

    CSGO Steam IDs [Compiled]

    vVv_SilverSpoon http://steamcommunity.com/id/therealmia/
  6. I support this. I would be down for some sick Rocket League action (Plus I have 7 friends who would join vVv if we had a Rocket League division.)
  7. SilverSpoon

    Coaching/Learning Smite

    I want to learn how to Support better. I mean given the gods like Athena I can be a baller. But there are a few that I still can't quite grasp. I also like to play Scylla, Neith, and Bastet cuz they cute. IGN: SilverVSpoon Role: Support Gods: Any? Available: Get at me.
  8. SilverSpoon

    HotS player list/bnet ID

  9. SilverSpoon

    3k CT on Mirage to start a comeback!

    That was nice. Now next time do it without gettin shot ;D
  10. *fangirls* I mean....welcome aboard!
  11. CS:GO. A game I can watch games and talk about for DAYS.

    1. vVv Saturn

      vVv Saturn

      a few weeks ago i would disagree, but now HELL YEAH!!

  12. SilverSpoon

    Community Event Suggestion: Arms Race Tournament

    Knife Games, those are always fun. Or maybe like do a whole match with nothing but the base pistol and grenades >.> That would be fun too. Community In-house games like we do for League would be awesome too!
  13. SilverSpoon

    vVv CS:GO Pub Server

    This....This just made my day.
  14. SilverSpoon

    CS:GO Steam Adding Thread

  15. SilverSpoon

    Why vVv Should Support Nosgoth.

    I am down for some Nosgoth Division. So long as I get to help out in some way. I've been playing Nosgoth since the first closed Beta and love the game.
  16. SilverSpoon

    vVv Gaming and eSports in 2015

    So then are we going to eventually look for a BF:Hardline team? Or at least look towards the options of a Nosgoth, Overwatch, or BF:Hardline Division?
  17. SilverSpoon

    vVv Gaming and eSports in 2015

    No SC2? D; *dreams shatter*
  18. I am going to no-life the hell out of this game LOL. It is going to be a huge time-sink for me I can feel it.
  19. I Don't think anyone really needs balanced yet. The game just needs room to grow and people to figure out all the quirks of the charaters.
  20. SilverSpoon

    last King application

    Sundown you max her heal first and her ardent censer lol
  21. SilverSpoon

    last King application

    I didn't get your add on league :c there is a space between my vVv and Silverspoon. You should leave your tag there too so people can find you
  22. SilverSpoon

    last King application

    Wow. I also like Madlife your roster looks a lot like mine would. Do you have a favorite overall team? For each of the lcs brackets and ogn?
  23. SilverSpoon

    Transcendence: an Overwatch Podcast

    Ok. That was amazing. When Overwatch comes out I will be all over that game.
  24. SilverSpoon

    last King application

    Welcome to the vVv community! If you need any help or have any questions feel free to add me in game as vVvSilverSpoon. <3 glad to see new faces around here. I see that you are a dyrus and meteos fan. Do you happen to have a dream team of pros?
  25. SilverSpoon

    Competitive MTG

    Well good luck in your service! And if you need any cards/help with MTG just send me a PM here on the forums and I'll see what I can do for you.