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  1. I do extra-life on a yearly basis for Pandora's Hope.. a way of showing a little bit of love to my former Organization, and the kids; I suppose. It's great fun! This year, I will be streaming the 25 hour event from Nov.2-3, then I will be streaming again from Nov.4-7 (COD:Ghosts release) for back2back marathon streaming ;; I've never tried a 72 hour stream before, done numerous 24 hours and 48hours; though. Curious to see if I can make it xD
  2. Sorry bro, I'm not on Xbox; I'm PC <3 I will be there for sure, Triv! Looking forward to it
  3. I was great seeing you again Triv, it's been a hella long time bro! lol. Thanks for all the positive feedback peeps, been busy as crap lately even screwed up my stream schedule a little, but everything is back on track.
  4. Anyone got plans for Ghosts PC? Already got a 5man team set up for CEVO with some friends from my old COD4 team; we're just gonna pubstyle it, though; until we see just how much backing it has.
  5. Good looking application man, every post I've read has been nothing but positive remarks; keep on keeping on.
  6. If I vandalize it, how would it be readable? ;P lol. Thanks man, I'll swing over and check it out!
  7. I definitely agree with all of waxxt's points as to why CS should be supported. CS is an FPS staple and has been since it's creation.. why is there no current support for this? As for NA Bears, I do keep my eyes open on their streams when I'm capable. Great communication and chemistry.
  8. True enough bro, true enough lol Thanks Triv! Means alot to hear that I hope to one day be able to entirely sustain my life by solely streaming; got a lot of work ahead of me, but it's gonna happen one way or another! lol
  9. I have yet to have anyone ask me about vVv's eSports accomplishments; frankly, because alot of it is quite well known. However, I am already well aware of that page; thank you Tech, and grats on your V's!
  10. Honestly, if XIM Edge was allowed in MLG or GB, I would be on console in a heartbeat; just because of the player population.. but I mean.. on PC I have a 2.31 KDR and a 487 Score per Minute; and I'm versatile with every single gun, know all the pinchpoints, pop flashes, set nades, etc by heart.. it's irritating how little competition is on PC.. But, I want to see that changed. Truly, I do. I have been a PC Gamer since the old quake days..
  11. Hey there, accrean! Welcome to the vVv Community! What games do you play man? also, what's your favorite anime? mine is Shingeki no Kyojin for new-age; for oldshool, Trigun or Appleseed
  12. Welcome to the community, RAGE! I wold ask what games you play, but someone beat me to it lol
  13. vandaL

    IRGRL's Amazing Re-App

    44? Never would've guessed Great chick though, very scoailly active; cant speak for game-wise, never played with her; then again I'm a PC COD player lol xD Good luck with the Re-App, IRGRL!
  14. Duly noted, and good idea; it's been quite an influx of applications lately lol
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