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    League of Legends, Gears of War 2
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    I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell
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    Screamo, Metal, Dubstep, Electronic, Everything really
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    League of Legends, eSports, Hanging out with friends, Movies, Music, and Snowboarding

About Me

Hey guys, I am back!!!! Yes the legendary Ashes is back in the vVv Community. I am an avid and competitive League of Legends player and after spending time with Jerry at Riot Headquarters and meeting Jordan again, I missed you all so much. Plus, miss vVv Braindrainer aka ZOMMMBAAAYYYY convinced me to fill out an application for my team for League of Legends after we plaved top 32.


I am Nick aka "Ashes". I've been a part of vVv for several years. I love gaming and music. I love my friends and I love my team! Feel free to add me in League and we can play sometime!

IGN: AG Ashes (soon to change)

I'm a friendly guy and pretty laid back so chat with me if you're bored! Feel free to follow me on twitter or add me on Facebook

Add me on here or message me on here if your to lazy to do the others...