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Sun Down

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    Banned for verbal abuse in vVv shoutbox, LoL chat and Reddit Mod
  • Birthday 11/05/1992

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    Cam McGrory
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    Concord MA / Washington DC
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    Gears of War, League of Legends
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    General Tsao's Chicken
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    Phantom of the Opera
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    Imagine Dragons, Eminem, EDM,
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    Soccer, my girlfriend, going to night clubs and bars in DC and playing and watching League of Legends.

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  1. Sun Down

    NA LCS W6D1 - Vulcun Fantasy Picks

    Don't split into 4 teams. You will be way more efficient if you just pick 3 match ups that win (whoever is vs C9, TL and usually the best of the 3 remaining match ups) and build off of that. Winning teams will ALWAYS out score good stat players on a losing team. Also, TiP for Day 1 vs Dig? You think that's a shoe in? Especially putting Apollo as shot caller in such a risking match up. I avoid Dig games to play because they are SO random.
  2. Sun Down

    Fantasy LCS: EU Week Two Day One Notes

    You start 4 CW players and Origen as a team destroys them combined... maybe you should take your own advice?
  3. Sun Down

    ADL stuff

  4. Sun Down

    My vVv Story - Part 1

    Fantastic post Rob. I am so happy for you and how far you have come. You've been an amazing friend, mentor and leader in this community. I'm excited to read the rest!