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  1. Or because the Xbone is terrible and the PS4 is a better choice.
  2. Ranko

    State of the vVv Address!

    I'll be at work. Sorry.
  3. Ranko

    Hero Builds

    The only time you have a single target is when you are alone. If you are alone as Li Li, you're doing it wrong lol.
  4. Ranko

    Help me vVv!

    I did the same, voted and tweeted. My paltry 200 followers isn't astounding, but hopefully it helps.
  5. Ranko

    Hero Builds

    Any reason you don't go two-for-one on Li Li? I feel that it is such a strong addition to a team fight. Also, have you tried frost shot on Valla? It really aids in securing kills as it allows you to keep up a lot easier. Finally, I'll add a build of my own. Sylvanas, the split push queen. http://www.heroesfire.com/hots/talent-calculator/sylvanas#pAGD Essentially, with this build, you are able to push through wave after wave, while still punishing the enemies that would dare try to stop you. Simply Shadow Dagger the minion wave, and send haunting wave through it while attacking the enemy and firing your withering arrows, and you will not only clear the wave, but chunk the enemy, and force them to take aggro from any of your remaining minions. If they go under half health, envenom them and if need be finish with your heroic.
  6. So, if I'm reading this correctly, Nova is only tier 4 because she has to be played perfectly, yea? I always seem to do quite well as her. Beyond that, yea I pretty much agree with the list.
  7. Ranko

    New Skins means Empty Wallet

    I'm scared of that twitch... it stares into my soul.
  8. Ranko

    Release date announced 6/2/2015

    I'd like to see some more Heroes as well... Maybe Overwatch characters will make the hop, once Overwatch is out.
  9. Ranko

    25 Tips For Beginning Adventurers!

    I'm sorry, I couldn't resist...
  10. Ranko

    SMITE Application: KillShift

    All of which I feel he is more than up to the job of doing. He has worked hard so far, can't see him stopping
  11. Ranko

    Do SMITE's Goddesses Show Too Much Skin?

    I don't know... if that person has a very recognizable birth mark and has done something to which you can identify them because you have seen it, they may kill you. On to the point though, most gods in mythology not only wore next to nothing, many of them were raging sex fiends, at least within greek mythology.
  12. Ranko

    Favorite Hero?

    I do agree it's easy to see through the stealth, which is where positioning comes into play. If you just play safely until your team engages, using the bushes/smoke for cover and moving through the many areas placed in the game, for what I can gather, only to let you re-stealth, you should be fine. I'm usually always nearby for team fights, and I blow up the first target out of position, after the initial engage. Stealth in this game seems to be a matter of how patient you are.
  13. Ranko

    YeNiBeaR Application

    If you haven't heard about it, i can say from experience that the community team program is really fun. It allows you to play with some people, and after a given amount of time, you can be recruited onto a team, giving you a static group of people to play with.