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  1. Culutural Apollo0

    MetalFoots CoD community APP.

    Congrats man, happy for you!!
  2. Culutural Apollo0

    Rq Legacy vVv Gaming Application

    We got to play more together on league better than randoms.
  3. Culutural Apollo0

    MetalFoots CoD community APP.

    good luck on that interview mate
  4. Culutural Apollo0

    UMG Dallas

    I might be going, more info im 100% participate.
  5. Culutural Apollo0

    Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway

    Done, good luck.
  6. Culutural Apollo0

    vVv gaming count to 1 million!

  7. I like this idea, im going to try to participate.
  8. Culutural Apollo0

    Apollo app.

    Already have can't wait for it. Will do.
  9. Culutural Apollo0

    vVv Last Man Standing I FFA Tournament -

    GT- CulturalApollo
  10. Culutural Apollo0

    DuTcHieSss vVv application

    Definitively was
  11. Culutural Apollo0

    Apollo app.

    Thanks, I'm pretty quite, I'll try to be more out there Same here Dutchiesss. <3
  12. Culutural Apollo0

    FL0WSIDE application

    I like your app, hope to play with you soon and be sure to attend the game nights, to meet other apps and members.
  13. Culutural Apollo0

    Rq Legacy vVv Gaming Application

    I'll following you in twitter.
  14. Culutural Apollo0

    PaLiiBoY's Application

    Fun DCGN, we had great communication, teamwork that 5-0 in CTF was an amazing game.