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  1. I'm back! great news! I graduated! Finally, No more school, but i have to go to college soon. I offically changed my name to siLLz instead of Mufasa. I'm getting an Xbox One soon! Question: Do you guys have like your own Controller i wanna buy? If not, That's ok. I still wanna be in the call of duty community. I hope my application is still there. THANK GOD.
  2. Alright. So, i got two bad grades. So, I'm gonna get work on school and get those grades up. So, V//, I'll be away for a couple of days. I'll tell you guys when I'm back in the welcome to V// gaming forums.
  3. Xbox360 is dead huh? Everyone is on xbox one?
  4. I got booted and i got number 5 master to 20. lol
  5. Don't you hate when people talk so much trash and all of a sudden, you beat them. Like for example; Search and Destroy They boot you offline for no reason. Don't you hate that?
  6. Still looking for a team out here in the call of duty ghosts forums. Anyone wanna make a team for ghosts for xbox360? If you do, please contact me on xbox. GT: Oh Its Mufasa
  7. I wish i can ride a tiger....
  8. Welcome, Bro. Hit us up on Mumble. It's Awesome.
  9. Welcome, Buddy. Holler at us in Mumble
  10. Joseph Jacbos. One of the best beat makers. Love his music. It moves me. (NO HOMO) lol jk. Anyway, Y'all haven't listen to him?
  11. My Favorite anime is Samurai Champloo. If you haven't heard of it, google it, It's Awesome. anyway, I watch all episodes. Mostly, My favorite episode is the Baseball vs USA i think. I like that a lot because It's funny as hell. Mugen (The character) was the funniest dude on that episode. If anybody wanna watch the episodes, look it up on Netflix or YouTube.
  12. thanks, SugarBear. I'll find somewhere to post it.
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