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  1. _Echo

    Echo Re-Introduction

    Lol Anon
  2. _Echo

    Echo Re-Introduction

    Hello everyone, I used to be active in here years ago then got distracted and kinda forgot about it. Now I'm back for awhile. My name is Mason K. I live in Columbus Ohio. I am a 12B Combat Engineer for the Ohio National Guard. I leave for Basic around Oct (legally shouldn't say exact day for security reasons). But after that I will be attending Ohio University so that's where I will be doing most of my gaming, adventuring etc. I'm 18 years old and really good at First Person Shooters. I play Minecraft, COD, CSGO, Doom, Destiny, Overwatch. I like to take pictures, make movies and adventure. Check out my instagram: @mason_kubic
  3. I was wondering if anyone was into making a Competitive COD AW Team. I noticed that the vVv organization no longer has one. Maybe we can play 8's and some gamebattles and decide on a team from there? Idk hit me up if anyone is interested in Comp COD Team.
  4. _Echo

    Admiral Bunny's Application

    I live in columbus man i hope to see you there! Best of luck on App.
  5. Sorry for the inactivity guys, i have'nt played Xbox untill COD Advanced Warfare came out. I hope to see you all in 8's Lobbies again!
  6. _Echo

    XeoN Echo Vacation

    Since my family is well. We go on many vacations and another one starts tonight. I will be gone from today until the 34th.
  7. _Echo

    xI RyannN App

    Good Luck! Might wanna post more, they are looking for involvement in the community. -Echo
  8. _Echo

    Bzola vVv Gaming Application.

    Good Luck! Might wanna post more though -Echo
  9. _Echo

    Flash Back Game Night

    id be down for Cod4
  10. _Echo

    Free Agents List

    XeoNEcho - I do it all
  11. _Echo

    DR490nBoRN vVv Apllication:

    Good Luck! -Echo
  12. _Echo

    Phatguy's vVv Application

    Best of Luck to Ya! -Echo
  13. _Echo

    ToroidalBat750 Application

    Best of Luck Juan! -Echo
  14. _Echo

    ninjastorm's vVv application

    Good Luck Jacob! -Echo