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  1. Seberg

    What The Hell Happened to vVv?

    I found this thread while stalking Viva ( > ) so I figured I'd add my two cents because of my experiences with the wildstar and gw2 guilds, since your big problem is retention of casuals like me! Basically, you take yourselves waaaaaaay too seriously. The whole point of a guild is to find cool people to be friends with, but this one has this really bizarre and in depth application process to be a "true" member. The vast majority of people who join and end up staying for more than a couple of days don't care at all about the vvv community aspect because why should they? It's a game, and they're looking for people to play with, not join some exclusive community. Just the idea that makes it look like the guild is some private club and everyone else is kinda invited but not really treated the same, and people end up feeling like second class citizens, whether it's intentional or not. Why not just be considered a member when you like the guild enough to join the forums, and leave the whole "vvv_username" thing along with the application to people who want to contribute more to admin and moderation. It just felt weird. People being second class members won't change if you're being nice and accommodating to them, since there is a clear distinction between the normal members and the vvv members. If I were joining a guild, I'd probably not pick this one because there is way too much of a focus on the "we're actually a big community that you should totally join" rather than the actual guild as a group of friends doing similar things. The biggest example I could think of was the Wildstar guild. There I got to have actual bank privileges only if I was a vvv member, and was severely restricted because I'm not, even though I've been in the gw2 one for a year at that point. Stuff like this really enforces the "you're not a real member" mentality. That, and honestly a lot of the people that end up joining the vvv community are just jerks. It goes back to the second class mentality, because a lot of the times a vvv guy would be straight up rude or annoying because the implication exists that this is their guild and everyone else is an outsider. The gw2 guild was at its best when all the vvv people left and that's because a lot of the focus on "hey we're a community come join us" thing was moved back to just being a fun guild again. Basically the tldr is there is no reason for me to pick this guild over anything else, the whole push for a big community comes of as unneeded at the expense of other things, and the entire process throws a lot of barriers to a fun and welcoming environment. There are a lot of other guilds that offer me the same things if not more, without the barriers.
  2. Seberg

    April Events List

    LLAMA >
  3. Seberg

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    to get away from your STINKY SMELL!!! >
  4. Seberg

    Expansion announced Heart of thorns

  5. Seberg

    Show Off Your Character!

    WAY TO NOT INCLUDE ME (merry christmas)
  6. Seberg

    Japanese Fan Festival 2014 Updates

    Yay!!!! I like the new 24 man! it looks super fun and goofy! Also we get to see what happens with Cid and Nero!
  7. Seberg

    Show Off Your Character!

    Lalafell betrayer!!! Also I was kinda being sarcastic about that sorry!! I really like agns! They're all nice!
  8. Seberg

    Show Off Your Character!

    Blake my warrior is level 31 now! Also lets join Rise! They're right next door anyway!
  9. Seberg

    Show Off Your Character!

    come to our server!!!
  10. Seberg

    Show Off Your Character!

    I am a fox lady ninja!
  11. Seberg

    Show Off Your Character!

    Don't worry I will soon be super powerful and carry you!
  12. Seberg

    Show Off Your Character!

    WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! NO ONE LIKES ROEGADYN!!! Ill take a pic when I hit 50 and get my NINJUTSU GEAR
  13. Yes! I think I want to stay with AGNS as well, so I hope we can just get more guys to join us, and maybe have like our own sort of subgroup within the guild! I hope to finish leveling in the next couple of weeks! (Sorry I like leveling and exploring!!)
  14. Yay!!! Grits stop leveling bard! i am the bard here!!