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  1. Seberg

    April Events List

    LLAMA >
  2. Seberg

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    to get away from your STINKY SMELL!!! >
  3. Seberg

    Expansion announced Heart of thorns

  4. Seberg

    Show Off Your Character!

    WAY TO NOT INCLUDE ME (merry christmas)
  5. Seberg

    Japanese Fan Festival 2014 Updates

    Yay!!!! I like the new 24 man! it looks super fun and goofy! Also we get to see what happens with Cid and Nero!
  6. Seberg

    Show Off Your Character!

    Lalafell betrayer!!! Also I was kinda being sarcastic about that sorry!! I really like agns! They're all nice!
  7. Seberg

    Show Off Your Character!

    Blake my warrior is level 31 now! Also lets join Rise! They're right next door anyway!
  8. Seberg

    Show Off Your Character!

    come to our server!!!
  9. Seberg

    Show Off Your Character!

    I am a fox lady ninja!
  10. Seberg

    Show Off Your Character!

    Don't worry I will soon be super powerful and carry you!
  11. Seberg

    Show Off Your Character!

    WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! NO ONE LIKES ROEGADYN!!! Ill take a pic when I hit 50 and get my NINJUTSU GEAR
  12. Yes! I think I want to stay with AGNS as well, so I hope we can just get more guys to join us, and maybe have like our own sort of subgroup within the guild! I hope to finish leveling in the next couple of weeks! (Sorry I like leveling and exploring!!)
  13. Yay!!! Grits stop leveling bard! i am the bard here!!
  14. Seberg

    Final Fantasy XIV IGN List

    My new name is Vaka Lilith! (one L this time) (I'm so original I hurt)