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  1. im going and have a good team playing i look forward to seeing some of you guys lol....staying at the best western plus thats 0.5 miles from the convention center aswell as have a Buisness lunch with team elevates COD manager. if anyone wants to gather for dinner
  2. Its been Awhile hows everyone doing these days lol?
  3. going back tomorrow to get on both the desktops and stream aswell as play gbs and call of duty from2pm-8am the next day super pumped
  4. so the Cod staff could take a look at this forums and use it..just thought id ask because i wanna see the cod division actually last last
  5. The Call of Duty Division Is Struggling For members And i Felt i just needed to step up and ask what is something the entire Call of Duty Division wants? Like What Would Everyone like for the Entire COD Division to come back and be active like ive heard it was in the past? i know i havent been perticapating in 8's because of work and stuff but i just though id ask because well ive heard up and down things while talking to some in skype and the only way to improve is to find out and just be honest about it all..its the only way its going to get better
  6. hivebang.com if you wanna look it up
  7. yea for what i was Told it was made for UA Students but alot of folks come there and play and im setting my first LAN up for there
  8. Went to a Gaming Center last night and it was the most amazing thing i been to here lately...they had good benqs and everything..i played online and felt like a god....going to be playing tournaments here for now on..
  9. yea somebody said they fixed it for me....
  10. I found a place around town that has dedicated internet and closes as 2am. kinda like a LAN center. Any Thought on this being the new host for friday nights. And with the CDL coming out Can make brackets and other things now aswell
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