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  1. Crazyviva

    Guys, we did it, Spike in in machinima

    fun fact. The "their" Vayne is in bronze.
  2. If you need to do the prerequisite of getting Lokin's affection to level 10 and you don't have Bioanalysis leveled yet, you should pick up that skill and run around Yavin 4 leveling it up by killing monsters and farming nodes. Monsters and nodes spawn very quickly and you get the materials you need to give to Lokin. Make sure you have that part down before the 10th. (You can still get items to raise affection from Rakghoul event, but better to have it done already.)
  3. Crazyviva

    Server Transfer to The Harbinger

    You only need other players for like, PVP and ops, if you want to level a Sentinel to enjoy the story by all means definitely do
  4. Crazyviva

    Introducing the Alliance System

    The only disappointing thing so far is that a lot of companions lost their unique-ness in their skillsets. Even the CC bought companions, Treek and HK, lost their signature appeal, Treek with tank/healing at the same time and HK with his assassination ability. I would have liked to see them keep their extended quickbar with some unique skills for each companion that stay no matter what role they are performing, instead of making each one a cookie-cutter re-skin of each other. Either way it is a welcome change from only having 1 viable companion.
  5. Short and sweet. vVv just is not my home anymore. I hope those of you that stick around are able to bring this community back to what it used to be and even better than that. Hasta luego.
  6. Crazyviva

    AFK 7/23 - 8/10

    What city? I'll be more near Masury.
  7. Crazyviva

    What The Hell Happened to vVv?

    You COD guys keep trying to mask the real problem of people, vVv members, their friends, outsiders, and any else not mentioned, not feeling welcomed or encouraged to make meaningful connections and striving to make vVv prosper under this notion of holding our current vVv members to higher standards and making applicants live up to vVv standards. It's very hard to hold people up to a standard when there is no one to be held to a standard in the first place. Imagine vVv is a brand new organization, just starting out, there are no vVv members. How do we get people to come hang out and play games and build on that to create great members and to grow into a community to THEN be able to mold people into what vVv wants and strives to be? It's pointless to keep talking about "holding people to our standards" when there aren't any people. My post has nothing to do with competitive teams. I think teams are great, they just should not be the sole thing we are focused on doing. I think vVv members should be striving to be the best member they can be and be held to high standards above non vVv members, but the fact is that we need to figure out our problem with why our members and potential members and anyone in between are not showing up to check out vVv int he first place. There is nothing to grow or to build upon if there is no base. Someone who comes into mumble maybe every other or 3rd night to play 2 league games at most with Matchu or Risingdawn does not a regular mumble user make.
  8. Crazyviva

    What The Hell Happened to vVv?

    I don't find Jerry intimidating at all, nor did I when I had never met him and only heard the "stories". He's just a person like the rest of us who succeeds and fails and things just like the rest of us. All you need to do is get over that personal bridge of "oh my god i'm talking to the person who created vvv" and turn into "i get to build a relationship with the person who created vvv." I am DEFINITELY suggesting that we encourage people who do nothing but play games with us to stay around our community. Yes vVv membership should have some exclusivity to it and have perks/responsibilities on it's own, but let's be real vVv members would never survive if they only played with other vVv members every day. We strive when we bring in and keep new people who maybe aren't looking for a community, but are great people who we like to play with. I can count tons of people who never wanted to be in vVv that stuck around our mumble that i genuinely enjoyed playing with. I have not asked people not around why they left because that sole reason, they aren't around anymore. I also don't think that is necessarily my problem to try to delve into to fix. As a vVv member I'm definitely trying to help and get people talking about this issue, but I think you and your staff should investigate and reach out to people to find and solve the problem.
  9. Crazyviva

    What The Hell Happened to vVv?

    This has nothing to do with applicants or current vVv members (while I agree that members need to be held accountable if they are going to have the vVv tag in their name), this is about the core of our community. The people who do not aspire to be hardcore players or spend hours each day to promote esports or to become involved in some way in the scene. The people who are the meat of gaming communities who show up to keep the community active and alive and friendly to outsiders who are interested in joining. People who have no interest in joining us, but are here to promote us and give others great stories about their time in our mumble and playing with our members. We can be as strict and judgmental on applicants all we want, but when there is no one for them to even have a conversation with once they are finally in besides the occasional staff member who they were already talking too in their app process, we aren't giving them much of a reason to log in in the first place. The core of being a gamer in a gaming community is to have people to game with.
  10. Crazyviva

    What The Hell Happened to vVv?

    If I knew the problem or what everyone think caused the problem that forced them to abandon vVv I wouldn't be making a post about this asking people what happened and why they are no longer showing up to play.
  11. Crazyviva

    What The Hell Happened to vVv?

    The picture I posted of there only being 3-4 people on average in mumble that aren't staff members every day compared to what the mumble was like 1 year ago is a pretty strong indicator.
  12. Crazyviva

    What The Hell Happened to vVv?

    I feel like in moving to obtain teams for our community to cheer for and to focus on the competitive side of gaming, we forgot about the people we are here to serve in the first place: the fans. The fans are also competitive, just not in the same area that the gamers/teams and the people who work behind the scenes to make the e-sports scene as great as it is. The teams and the scene cannot survive without the fans, and that's something we learn as vVv members as applicants from the pillars. In terms of our community, they are the fans we are here to serve. Ya the teams are the added bonus and that's what makes us known throughout the e-sports scene, but with now no community to serve, what is the point of having these teams?
  13. I know I can't be the only one thinking this. (Rant?) Compared to a lot of vVv members still here, I am still a fresh face, but I've been here through what feels like 2 very tough and very fluctuating years for vVv. I remember logging in and seeing tons of people filling the rooms of the League of Legends division, with someone like Jiggs jumping at the chance to invite you to either a normal game or an inhouse being set up by Sun Down. It was almost impossible to find a room for yourself because everyone was on and everyone was playing league, and you would be damned if you were going to play by yourself while in the mumble. There would be a couple of rooms filled in the Hearthstone channels and anyone there was open to help you set up decks. There were ALWAYS at least 10 people in the Guild Wars 2 channel, and every Tuesday and Thursday night there were around 30 people in to do guild missions. Sometimes mumble even spazzed out those tuesday nights where there were 30 people on for guild missions while we had over 60 people here for the ADL at the same time. Even the Misc games channel usually had both rooms going on with something. Even on the forums, for as "dead" as everyone claimed they were, there was always some fun post about a guild run or WvW in guild wars going on, or some theorycrafting and LCS talk in the league channel, and I would have to make sure to stay on top of refreshing the shout box to stay relevant on what people were buzzing about. Now? Well. I'm even surprised to see a full group for HOTS or League happen now. This is now the "norm" of what the vVv mumble looks like on a daily basis. How do I know? What if it's only when I'm on mumble that it's this dead? Well the reason I know is because I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO'S EVER ON EVERY DAY! Like what the hell? The only people who even remotely get on this mumble I can count on 1 hand. Where did everyone go? What happened? Did I miss the memo? Call it bitching or say "but Viva ADL starts next week everyone will be back, or it's the summer and people are on vacation, they'll be back." but I've never even seen summers this bad here. So my question here is this, what happened to everyone's love of getting online and gaming or talking about gaming, or talking about anything with one another anymore, where did the love for sharing their opinions on the forums and just playing together go. Frankly, all mumble is now is me sitting in the star wars channel, occasionally seeing people come on now and then, or just watching people connect straight to the AFK. This has become so boring and so lifeless, I can almost read shoutbox posts from yesterday morning on the front page. So... yea, what the fuck?
  14. Crazyviva

    Come Join me

  15. Crazyviva

    AFK 7/23 - 8/10

    I'll be in Ohio visiting family from 7/23 - 8/10. Will not be on at all.