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  1. Infms805

    Tributes Application

    Good luck Tribute. Glad you applied. Stick around and play with staff/community members. Can’t wait to play with you. Add me on Xbox. xCFSxPredatoR
  2. Yeah. It’s sad that happened. He will be missed but he will live on and remembered as #9 since Nantes will be retiring his jersey. Fulham is always a tough team to beat. Yeah, I like a lot more teams but it would be too many to list like Juventus lol
  3. I watch Fútbol aka soccer aka Football depends where in the world you are. I’m from Argentina and people believe that if you don’t watch Futbol then you are not Argentine lol soccer is like religion that is why My favorite teams are Boca jrs (Argentina), Manchester City(England), Paris Saint Germain(France) and Barcelona(Spain). I watch other sports but not enough to know about the teams and who plays in them. So what do you watch and who are your favorite teams/players??
  4. Infms805

    Eddie's App

    Thank you Matter. I have 18 haven’t got 19 yet lol whats your favorite team?? Gotta get some gears in bro. 🔥🔥 cant wait to see you put together that Gears team together.
  5. Infms805

    WoWs - Official vVv Gaming clan

    I’ve heard of this game. Its like the sequel to World of tanks or something like that?lol I used to play World of Tanks when it barely came out on Xbox and would always get wrecked cuz everyone would buy better tanks than me and I’d get shot from so far. It’s like you were getting sniped by a tank. Ima check it out if it’s on Xbox.
  6. Infms805

    Cammers Application

    Welcome to vVv!! Make sure to add us so we can play some games. Most of us are on Xbox but we also have PC, PS4 and even switch so whatever system you may have there’s always someone to play with. Enjoy your stay and remain active.
  7. Infms805

    Favorite Legend... So far..?

    I’ve only played bloodhound and Bangalore so far. Would love to try the rest just hard since I’m always last to pick lol I’m barely level 16 so still getting the hang of the game.
  8. Infms805

    Social Media Connect

    IG and Snap: Infms805
  9. Infms805

    Nikki (vVv Nyx) Application

    Super active on the forums and seems like a really cool person. We need to all run some games soon. Glad to have you around and definitely would be a awesome member of this community. She’s a example of vVv. 😎😎
  10. Infms805

    B1zkit Formerly vVv Bizkit Application

    Welcome back!! i haven’t played with you yet but from what I see you got some OGs supporting your app so I don’t doubt you’re a asset to the community and vVv as a whole. Good luck and we will see those V’s on your name soon.
  11. Infms805

    Eddie's App

    Thank you Exo. It will be a honor to wear those V’s. Can’t wait
  12. Infms805

    vVv Milkyy is back!

    @Milkyy loving those ideas bro. Glad you’re back and part of vVv.
  13. Infms805

    My vVv Gaming Plan

    Excited for this. I love this place and it’s awesome that we have a plan set for people to see that we know where we want to be.
  14. Infms805

    Member Application - Stitches aka vVv Stitches

    Welcome back. Good to see you apply again and so many familiar names back at vVv.
  15. Infms805

    Apex Legends

    I’ve only played a few games of Apex but can say it’s been fun. Gears has had my attention though lol