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  1. I'm back Add me on Xbox One: LNFRACTIONZ League of Legends: Omg a Snowman
  2. Hey guys, it's been awhile since i've been around and i just picked up and xbox one and need some people to run games and shit with. I'm just running pubs and stuff now, so add me to run shizz "LNFRACTIONZ"
  3. I feel like you were the person who worked with me on a montage before.
  4. So, I have competition as the snowman huh?
  5. I just died a little inside.
  6. "Omg a Snowman" HMU on LoL

  7. Nevermind, I just left the Gold Team and it updated to Platinum. I think it was just the Gold Team had more LP.
  8. Well, I did not participate in the games for the Plat team, No. But it also doesn't show on one of the teammates who played every single game. I'm apart of a gold team and did not participate in any of the games either, and it shows as my current rank.
  9. Okay, so with being apart of a ranked team that rank will count towards your highest rank and such? Well, I just recently became apart of a Plat team, but my highest rank is still only showing Gold 1, and it's doing this for a couple others on the team. Is this what they were fixing when they had ranked teams disabled last night due to issues with promotions? or what? Any feedback is appreciated thanks
  10. 871 The snowman, back in action.
  11. The Mothafuckin' Snowman is back! Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife!
  12. New crazy AP mid, I'm ready for him haha. I'm waiting on the Battlecast skarner skin as-well.
  13. Yea, I've officially spent way to much time on this game haha.
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