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    DOTA 2, LoL, Runescape
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    Hot Pot, KBBQ, Pizza, Greek, anything good ;)
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    I really don't watch a whole lot of movies :/
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    Anything from blackmill to jazz to poetic justice.
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    I play wayyy too many video games.

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  1. RageDota

    Setting up 10man Normals

    Affectual 513 Ret Pally / 508 Holy. Still gearing but i'll get there soon
  2. RageDota

    DotA 2 Steam ID list

    Here's mine ^^ http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198039915187/
  3. RageDota

    Rage - Time Off

    Now I am! <3
  4. RageDota


    Hey everyone, its been a while. I've been playing quite a bit of tera on my Berserker Prime, and am looking for some other people to play with KN20/MCHM etc etc. Lets go MMO players
  5. RageDota

    Rage - Time Off

    Hi everyone, I'll be taking the next two weeks or so off. I know I haven't been as active on the forums the past week after MLG, and the reason for that is the same for the upcoming time off. I've had a lot of real life issues involving my moving away from home, my being sick, and having had my best friend attempt to commit suicide. I'll be sorting through all of this over my time off. I'll be back soon to do some cool stuff. Good luck everyone. <3 Rage
  6. RageDota


    I'm going! ^^
  7. RageDota

    vVv Announces Spring Donation Drive!

    ^this (and you know, supporting vVv is pretty good too )
  8. RageDota

    New Community Member

    Hi vVv! I'm new to vVv and figured i'd make a post to say hello and say a little bit about myself / what i'm going to try and bring to the community. My name's Garrett and I play under the tag Rage. Have been playing games competetively for about seven years now, with teams on Skill Capped Gaming (WoW), xO Gaming (sc2), and two CSL teams that I was the captain / coach of (one Dota 2 and one SC2). Additionally i'm very active in the development of the So Cal (Southern California) eSports scene and have been involved in and headed several tournaments down here on the west coast. With that being said, lets get to the important stuff I've seen vVv gaming around quite a bit when playing SC2, on ladder and in tournaments alike. Also, recently I played with some of your ex staff on Dota 2 so I figured i'd take a look into what you guys were all about, and I was very pleasently surprised at what I found. Because of this newfound interest I wanted to extend myself to helping out your community as it seems to be one of the best that I've found in terms of an organization that oversees sponsorships, teams, and a casual community alike. If anyone is interested in playing (or even just wants to get into) Dota, I'll be more than happy to play with you all. Additionally, I'd like to put myself out there as a coaching resource for anyone that is interested. I know good teachers / mentors are very hard to come by (especially for free), so if you have any questions about Dota on a competetive, casual/pub, or developmental level feel free to add me and we can chat. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198039915187/ GLHF everyone. Rage