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  1. Milkyy

    My Staff/Professional player application

    Ding Dong... telling lies will always get caught out here at vVv Gaming. We are proud of our achievements and have a mass amount of achievements in our Hall of Fame - our clear knowledge will always question statements made... Listen, I believe your a good lad, but trying to lie to make your application stronger isn't right. You can do that in so many other ways, we all love gaming, professional or just an everyday gamer. If I was on staff, I would personally, close application and tell you to 're apply after 30days.. be yourself.. be part of our community, make your own statement.
  2. Milkyy

    vVv Milkyy is back!

    Thanks!! This is just the beginning but I have plenty ideas to push vVv Gaming but let's see what happens, but good things will come of vVv..
  3. Milkyy

    Member Application - Stitches aka vVv Stitches

    Welcome back brother!! Good to see your back!
  4. Milkyy

    vVv and Me (vVv SiC reintroduced)

    Welcome back!! Stick around, good things are going to be going off soon!!
  5. Milkyy

    vVv Milkyy is back!

    Thanks bro!! ❤️
  6. Milkyy

    vVv Milkyy is back!

    Thanks!! Glad to see you back and so many old faces too!!
  7. Milkyy

    vVv Milkyy is back!

    Here is my ideas to help reignite vVv Gaming back for the better of everybody along side the current vVv Gamijg President which unfortunatley I havent had the chance to talk to but with vVv Exodus and vVv LordJerith. Revamp Battle Plan is as follows: I would like to see as many ex vVv Gaming come back but this shouldn't be a process where gaining the vVv's is something that is going to be easier this time around. Going back to the Roots of vVv Gaming, I remember that the process would take aslong as it needed, and many of you would become impatient due to this. However, our stratergy for coming into vVv Gaming is still pretty clear.. You need to earn them, just by being around the shoutbox is great but you need to go the extra mile, this could be playing online with other applicants, building the friendships through enjoyment of games, meeting vVv Members and getting to know them, to talking and sharing vVv content with your social media channels - Twitter should still be a must have to go along with your Application Process: The application process shouldn't be in a set timescale, should be noticed by the adding value of the applicant, and (or) referral from a vVv Gaming Member that they believe they are ready for interview stages. The same process would apply to applications/applicants that dispear for more than 30 days. If your away for this time period your application will be closed and you will need to restart the process from the beginning. Staff Positions - vVv Gaming only needs a small team to develop the need for more positions, as vVv grows - when highlighted we could restart a sub section for Staff Applications for the roles that we have available. Members: - Chop List will be brought back, and from Scott (Exodus) thread earlier, you've got 3 strike rule.. the same applies for everyone no matter if you have been here 10 days or 10 years... 3 stikes, your out!! - Adding value is still required, failure to do so you will be facing the chop list. Social Media: Use of social media is needed these days to promote and to get us noticed out there. Twitter should and is essential to your Application and to continue to add value when you become a vVv Gaming Member. Community Gameplay: Get yourself involved by playing with both applicants and vVv Members - This is what the community is all about, enjoying the gaming but also meeting friends along the way. We will also hold a vVv Gaming Community Gameplay where we will all try to battle it out. (Need to process more information but is currently an idea) Community Spotlight: Let's bring back the community spotlight, bringing back all news of what is happening at vVv Gaming, a great way to also get noticed to be included for a shoutout or mention on the weekly review. Community Tournaments: This is something that I think would get the community buzzing.. We all love the tournament's right?! How about adding a Community Tournament with a Prize Fund? Each person who wants to enter the tournament would pay an entry fee of $5/$10. The winner would recieve a Prize Fund of 45% of total entry value. For example 20 entries @ $5 = $100 - Prize Fund would be £55. Sponsors: We currently have sponsors, at times like this they may need to be reviewed or we may need to branch out to see if any better sponsors can be achieved. Right now, before we should look to made any changes if needed is to bring the community back - there is no point gaining these if our community isn't active or if it doesn't benefit both parties all round. Name Changes: This is something I introduced back in my heyday is that your first name change within vVv Gaming is free but furthermore should be processed through a $5 donation. *You Will also only be able to change your name 3 times.. so think carefully when you are deciding to change your Alias. Donations to vVv Gaming: We would like to ask for your support, this is by donating again to vVv Gaming, it doesn't matter how small your donation is, as this is adding to bring better things to you all here at vVv Gaming. Min donation would be $5.00. Donations would be put towards the site upgrades, runnings of the site or to be able to bring you all amazing content/must haves or simply bringing back the vVv Gaming Merchandise. Donations can be given just because you want to donate, this is another great way to add value. Merchandise: This is something I may look to redesign and get back out there for you all at vVv. Times are changing into the way t-shirts and jumpers are made and we can make clothing casual with the presence to still be noticed of who we are! Hall of Fame at vVv Gaming: Hopefully one day, we can increase our competitive gaming achievements and increase the list of honours that grace vVv Gaming as it does today. This is just some of the ideas I have thought of that I think should be implemented.
  8. Milkyy

    Beerdo returns.

    All roads lead back to vVv! Stick around, good things are to come of vVv Gaming!!
  9. Milkyy

    Nikki (vVv Nyx) Application

    Welcome back to vVv - see you around the shoutbox!
  10. Milkyy

    State of vVv Gaming

    I remember these famous words from 9 years ago.... "all roads lead back to vVv" - now look at us all! vVv!!
  11. Milkyy

    vVv Milkyy is back!

    Thanks Scott, lets make things happen!
  12. Milkyy

    vVv Milkyy is back!

    Thanks bud, I don't have an Xbox unfortunately but I do have a ps4 🐵 do you have one at all?
  13. Milkyy

    vVv Milkyy is back!

    Thanks Nynjatic!! How is everyone today??
  14. Milkyy

    vVv Milkyy is back!

    Thanks all!!
  15. Milkyy

    vVv Milkyy is back!

    Hey everyone from vVv! I'm not sure if many of you know me but for those of you that have been around and are still here today will remember me from a good couple of years ago. I was the former Executive Vice President of Operations in 2009-2012 where I made my name of myself. I'm back and available to the most I can, I can't say I'll be available as much as I had been before all those years ago but I would be able to pop in and out between my job and family life as much as I could. I totally understand that you may not have any job positions available, however I would like to offer my services. Please consider that you may need somebody. I would love to get back into vVv Gaming and re-introduced into pushing vVv Gaming back to its roots! I have some great business and brand concepts, along with a vision that could add to vVv Gaming visionary and mission statement. Let's chat. Nice to see some of you are still around!