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  1. How does today feel? What time is it in the US now? How does 3pm this afternoon UK time sound? Would that be 10am In the US?
  2. Thanks for your Assistance Jordan! :-)
  3. Hi SugarBear, I'm free most days, as we are in different time zones it makes it a little harder but how would you like to chat? Skype? PMs? AIM?
  4. Thanks matey! Ahh I remember that too but again I had good reasons to, however that's nothing :-) Great to still see you around! Thanks Jerry, profile has been updated with new profile picture :-)
  5. Hey everyone from vVv! I'm not sure if many of you know me but for those of you that have been around and are still here today will remember me from a good couple of years ago. I was the former Executive Vice President of Operations where I made my name of myself. I'm back and available to the most I can, I can't say I'll be available as much as I had been before all those years ago but I would be able to pop in and out between my job and family life as much as I could. I totally understand that you may not have any job positions available, however I would like to offer my services. Please consider that you may need somebody. I would love to get back into vVv Gaming and re-introduced as an Executive. I look forward to hearing from you all.
  6. Staff, Could you please edit my account, so that I can use the shoutbox please. Thanks!
  7. Yes kids, the vVv Milkyy is back in town and back from the world of OZ. Jerry, Jordan.. or any member of staff could you please update my e-mail - anlambird@hotmail.co.uk Thanks!
  8. thanks for the welcome greeting. Looking forward to learning more about vVv and doing what I can to contribute!

  9. Welcome to the forums :)

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