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  1. THIS is cool!!! Can you put a thin white outline on the Vs and put it on the last shield in place of the bird?
  2. Cool, but the bird on the shield is too much. Wing overload... Can you just put some version of 3 Vs on the shield now? Also just a black emblem on the shield and stars don't show up well. It's better with white outline or white emblem
  3. I like B, D and the bottom 2 on the right. GAMING needs to be under the Vs, though. Don't like it covering up the Vs
  4. See! Infms805 has the right idea like I did, his suggestions were good, like mine with the Van Halen and Veni vidi vici logos. I don't want anything that looks like it could be made in a games clan emblem designer...
  5. Did IQs drop suddenly while I was gone? YES something similar🙄 I would do it myself but I have no paint programs or anything. Stack some V's vertically and maybe add some wings
  6. Yes I agree we need to stick to three V's did anyone look at my links? https://goo.gl/images/WBqd8Q https://goo.gl/images/8hQ7qE https://goo.gl/images/LPBocw https://goo.gl/images/2ihanq
  7. Another option to the logo above is something like the old Van Halen logos the Triple V with wings I've put these links below for them... They also look great on hats and t-shirts, especially the 3d drop shadow ones. Just Google Van Halen logo images https://goo.gl/images/8hQ7qE https://goo.gl/images/LPBocw https://goo.gl/images/2ihanq
  8. Everything around the shield looks better. My only complains are the logo on the center of the shield and the font underneath. Here is a link to the logo I like... https://goo.gl/images/WBqd8Q
  9. Change the Marvel Shield Bird for the triple V-day victory V I my post and I'll agree to it
  10. Isn't that bird logo from Marvel's Agents of Shield? Looks like those premade generic Destiny or Halo Clan logos.
  11. No no no I still like the old one better . All these look too generic, and one looks like Harley Davidson logo, sorry, being honest
  12. How do i join yall It says invite expired
  13. Looking for Titanfall 2 and Destiny players I am good but casual gamer looking for friends to play with on Xbox Just add me vVv ORION Thanks and happy hunting
  14. After reading Kyles post I realized I had barelt played with anyone that was being named for more than a game or 2 a week for the past 3 weeks since everyone pretty much broke off in their groups. Everyone in their group was jist naming each other so... Hence I suggest an internal vVv Tournament.
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