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  1. vVv Tahvvy

    Improving Discord

    group ping for mods/admins lfg text channel for all supported games and a single channel for other games. also in 1 channel that has mentorships for brawlhalla and 2 other games, there's a bot that allows people to put in a command to change their group. like if i was a mentor myself, special group for mentors on channel, and i was to type "!available 100" it would add me to the group of available mentors with a distinct color telling others that im currently at that moment ready to mentor anyone. We can probably use this to show people who are currently looking to game as since its discord people might be using a vc in another server just chilling. Here's an example of how it works:
  2. vVv Tahvvy

    Cowarddd's PC App

    Even when i die, my soul would continue to shitpost
  3. vVv Tahvvy

    Cowarddd's PC App

  4. vVv Tahvvy

    vVv Bagzli as new President of vVv gaming

    Woah man, congrats you deserve it. :3
  5. vVv Tahvvy

    ShiroSan's Application

    owo a new challenger approaches
  6. vVv Tahvvy

    vVv Gaming Town Hall 04/24/16

    oooo can i be moved into a GFX category?
  7. vVv Tahvvy

    Looking for anyone with Sony Vegas.

    That was eventful lol
  8. vVv Tahvvy

    Stix's Application

    Oooo i found a game i might like to do. Dynasty Warriors 2, there's no runs on it but its supported. I can be a WR holder wooo
  9. vVv Tahvvy

    Stix's Application

    ooooo a speedrunner, ive been thinking about going into speedrunning with my low end laptop, i can only run n64 roms. Any suggestions besides the basic sm64?
  10. vVv Tahvvy

    Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod

    I've yet to seen this but it sounds nice.
  11. vVv Tahvvy

    vVv Th0r's Resignation

    good luck with SK,
  12. vVv Tahvvy

    Thoughts on discord?

    If you don't know, discord is a game chat for gamers. the mobile app is free and there is a web version along with the downloadable desktop app aswell. Server hosting is free, you can make as many channels you need as well as groups with permissions. it also shows what games someone is playing if they connect their accounts. the only differences I see from TS and discord is the $$$ to host on ts and to buy it's mobile app and that TS has the icons.
  13. vVv Tahvvy

    Enemy Team vs My Team Lee Sin

    I'm your Lee sin ;-;