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  1. WhoDropdDSoap

    Soap's Resignation

    Yes, Soap is resigning, again. Some things occurred towards the end of my leave period that has caused me to change priorities in my life. At this point I'd rather just get on to play video games and I won't be able to add any value to this community and will not be able to be consistent enough to satisfy the requirements of being a member as I said I would. I need to put my efforts into my family and my job. Good luck to everyone here! I'll stop by as I normally do to say "Hi" during this journey. Soap
  2. WhoDropdDSoap

    Away - 06 September - 18-19September

    I'm back
  3. WhoDropdDSoap

    Freshbr3w resignation

    Taylor, I appreciate and respect you stepping up and taking responsibility in everything you do. I'll miss your enthusiasm when it comes to your casting. I hope I assisted you during your time here and your V's were rightfully earned. Never be a stranger here and if you are ever online I'll make sure to keep in contact. Come back again if you ever have some time I'll see you on Xbox! Shayne
  4. WhoDropdDSoap

    My vVv Application!

    Both days are good for me. I have you added so send me a message when you're on!
  5. WhoDropdDSoap

    My vVv Application!

    Hey man! Have you played with anyone yet? I like the montage I'll be on Wednesday through Saturday before I go home for most of September. Let's get some games in before I leave. You will be well within your application by the time I get back!
  6. WhoDropdDSoap

    Black Ops III Beta Review

    And we all know that "gentleman handshake" is useless too. I forgot who did it and at what event but someone said that they wouldn't use cloak and they did. Don't worry, the pros will be complaining lol
  7. WhoDropdDSoap

    Arkaine's Application

    Hey man! Let's play at some point this week. I will be going home all of September so you're going to be well within your application by the time I get back!
  8. WhoDropdDSoap

    Away - 06 September - 18-19September

    My father will be there
  9. WhoDropdDSoap

    Black Ops III Beta Review

    Good Post. For the specialist streaks: - I think a gentleman's handshake or an official ban will come from them. I don't see any of them making it into competitive play. - The only way I see them in competitive play is if MLG tells the players to deal with it since there is already a banning phase in comp play similar to MOBA's
  10. Hey everyone! I'll be heading home during this time and haven't been home in almost a year. I'm separating from Active Duty Navy next April and my mother doesn't know about this yet so she has a surprise waiting for her! My sister and brother-in-law are in town as well and I really only had the opportunity to see them once in the past 3 years. With that being said, you will see little to absolute zero activity during this time. All of my time will be spent with my family. Since you all know me pretty well, if I do have a few minutes you will see me . Have fun gaming in September everyone!
  11. WhoDropdDSoap

    My vVv Application!

    What's your gamertag? I think you added me over the weekend. I'll be on so lets play!
  12. WhoDropdDSoap

    New Dualtage Trailer/Announcement

    I've been waiting for the announcement for two years now papa...wtf
  13. WhoDropdDSoap

    CrKs Legacyyy's application for readmission

    He needs to maintain his beard as magnificently as he does now. If he does than he has my vote
  14. WhoDropdDSoap

    CrKs Legacyyy's application for readmission

    But not a bush like hurricane katrina
  15. WhoDropdDSoap

    Mastuh's Call of Duty Application

    Hey man I hope you're doing okay. If you want to talk to anyone I'm all ears! I'll come find you these next two days to play some games if you're on