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    HoN, WC3 (TFT), GW2, Gunz The Duel, CS
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    Gladiator, Brave Heart
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    Catchy Music
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    Web design, programming(java, c#, ruby), Card Tricks (I love card tricks) and illusionist tricks (I love to figure out how they are done).

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I am a Software Engineer. I like to game, but I also like to win.  My competitive nature always pushes me towards achieving the best result I can.  I am currently playing Rocket League, Overwatch, PUBG, and VR Games.  In my spare time, I like to develop websites and hang out with you all.  If you ever want to play with me or just have a light conversation and hang out, then come find me on our VOIP program or add me on Steam!  Don't be shy, get to know me as I'd like to get to know you!  Just be aware that I do like to poke fun and joke around from time to time.