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    A few things I like to stay busy with outside of game life are cars, music and drinking!!!! :D

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  1. nice to see you joining in on the forums. Good luck on your personal progression goals Bo. (I'm Dancing Bear btw)
  2. Hi friends, I'm new to the GW2 community. I play regularly with the League of Legends community, however, since picking up GW2 I have become quite attached. PvP is my thing and, if you're like me, you enjoy slaying foes faithfully. The reason for this post is to try and gather up those of you who wish to PvP. I am a multi-season Gladiator from WoW, I played a dual-weild frost DK and Holy Paladin among other classes. GW2 is not too far off from WoW combat mechanics, I'd like to help vVv's Guild become all they can be Feel free to PM me on the forums or add me in game. I am ziLeO and my 2 characters are a GS Guardian and S/D Thief at the moment.
  3. The only thing that gets a little better with Silver is the way people complain now. It's Bronze 2.0 and because they're in a higher division they feel like their complaints hold more weight
  4. From the GW2 guild? Still new to everyone but, it's mostly laughs in the voice comms and fun in game. With regard to League, I've gotten some feedback from my teammates. Overall, positive feedback (as mentioned in previous posts on my app). Some people do think I'm rough around the edges but, I help more than I hurt
  5. Guap is a slang for RACKS ON RACKS ON RACKS. or.... STACKS... on stacks, and so forth. RACK CITY BITCH
  6. I belong to the vVv GW2 Guild. Bunch of friendly and super helpful people in that guild.
  7. Well, I've recently become a member of the Guild Wars 2 Guild, that handles variety I'm starting to play other games with other vVv communities.... I am also a co-manager of a vVv ranked 5s team, set up by Yui, which has seen the recent success of grinding S5 from B3. I do feel like I'm doing my best to be social and active throughout mumble and forums.
  8. I love all my students, but Eternal is my fav. He bought me skins
  9. I guess I should start grinding to Grandmaster then eh? Time to hang up League
  10. You're welcome yung Grasshoppa. Grind to Gold is just as bad, trust...
  11. I have a question dear sir, when faced with the dilemma of eating oreo cookies, does one twist apart the cookie and dunk in milk or, does one dare to dunk the WHOLE cookie in milk?
  12. I have a question.... In jeans, commando or nah?
  13. I have plenty of questions, unfortunately, none are about my app
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