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  1. LGC! If only i wasn't going away for the weekend i could have played :,(
  2. Only got the chance to play for 3 days, but i was very impressed, cant wait for it to come out
  3. Going on a cruise to Bermuda, st maarten, Haiti,and Puerto Rico that leaves today so I wont be around until the 27th. The gow beta was awesome, cant wait till august when the game comes out
  4. TGIF! Jurassic World tonight...any one already see it?

    1. vVv Saturn

      vVv Saturn

      just saw it today..I approve

  5. Working at the NYSED for the past year...trying to get in permanent but no test have come out yet. I had an interview at the DMV and LBDC but yet to hear anything back yet. Not exactly the perfect situation but hopefully it will all work out soon. 9 day cruise in 10 days though so I'm pumped about that. My pocket isnt though lol
  6. I'll add you when i get back on
  7. Not much man just living life...aka working. Hows life? Own an xbox 1?
  8. Cam the man! Yes it does sounds like you do
  9. Going to be trying to form/join a team for it. We can talk more about the division leader topic later on.
  10. Jerry! Hope all is well, the email on my old account is long gone, just spent a half hour trying to sign on it . Have you guys looked into smite on the xbox? Have heard big things are on the way for it.
  11. Hello vVv, its been a long time. My name is AJ, I was apart of vVv back in 2008-2010. I played Gears of War competitively (it really was good back then lol). I've been out of competitve gaming for a while now but since SMITE has dropped i've been hooked. Never was into MOBAs but this has opened my eyes. I've come here to look for some friendly faces to maybe run some games with. If anyone is interested please add me, GT - Mephisto WZRD I prefer to run ADC, and if anyone here knows me I am very competitive and like to win. For whatever reason I have lost all info on my old account and can't sign on to the old email that was associated with it. Hope to see you guys around! Btw I'm talking about smite on xbox. Whats it take for a guy to use the chat box?
  12. or it means you are watching the only possible flank...therefore you are either in a 3v3 or 3v2. Sawed-off is a lost cause and if it is used will surely hurt the game more than help, quote ya boy
  13. The BR is better then AR but they didn't use that starting rifle..the sawed-off takes away the skill off the gnasher, standing behind walls and hiding is obviously skillful right?
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