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    Vibin to good music, watching GREAT movies,smoking on some good kush and rockin out in games i use to pro game for vVv and was head captain of vVv global once upon a time now im a casual gamer for mmos/fps now i just enjoy and playing games with good friends and getting phat loot or high k/d =p
  1. iPointblank

    hate to be the 1st to say this

    guy id like to say i apologize if i offend any of u that wasnt my inten.. i know alot of u have workd hard to get this guild where it is and push for more....trust me i only want whats best for us ive reread my post and sorry if it seemd i was pointing fingers i ten to say the wrong things at 1st i hope u guys can accept my sorry....u guys are amazing ppl and players and id like to move forward and keep things runnin with wildstar i hope we can put this all behind us
  2. iPointblank

    hate to be the 1st to say this

    dude carry me let someone say they ever caryyed me or if i dont own my class? lmao and thats why in lil time i have been 50 i have finshd my rep my vet adven and on the last step of dun (ssm) and runing group with guildies that i put together as we speak lol bro u could never carry me on ur best day on any game kid lol and bottum line is most of u are inactive and most of us ON our OWN for pretty much done with or more then half way threw atun dun faze a d this post wasnt because i have a better idea or im trying to knock anyone doing anything is plan and simple u needa get our shit together as a clan/team where way better then then lack of commit that is going on for the vVv game name and slyFX that fact u wanna come just out and trash talk just proves ur a child about stuff
  3. iPointblank

    hate to be the 1st to say this

    Yes thank you thats all I want
  4. iPointblank

    hate to be the 1st to say this

    Wasnt talkin about just u was talkin about EVERYONE in that room on attune night..and ur one officer out of how many?.. id ask those of u who WANT/took the spot to make sure ur on for ur attun nights because thats what u argeed to for thw guild and help ppl either new to 50 and trying to get atund or ppl to finsh theirs out which is afew ppl in guild and if ur n ot into the game anymore thats koo if u wanna play smith thats kool too im sure its a good game but dnt have the rest of the guildmates who wwana raid sit around trying to get caught up or who are for ppl rather play smite on ATTUNE NIGHT..if ur gonna quit or break from the game let ppl know dnt have ppl sitting with a finger in there ass waiting for something to MAYBE Happen cause we dont even know if sone of u are gonna even still play
  5. iPointblank

    hate to be the 1st to say this

    Lin I agree strongly
  6. iPointblank

    hate to be the 1st to say this

    I feel what ur saying but this needed to be posted its not yelling fire its me statin facts and ive been siting by letting it go and closing mouth hoping for action even after the rensures...trust I know its not a easy thing getting a team off the group esp when the game devs been messing it up but if ppl feel that way especially the officer then they need to step down because the guild needs action I understand u guys been doing this for months and most of u arw unhappy with the game... but either lvlin alts and waitng for the game to get better instend of help the group get atund or playing smite makes me feel there is no hope from some in wildatar or just lost the feel for it which is cool happens to most games but dont leave the guilsies thats been runing these dun teachin ppl and getting them slivers in the dark...n last I checkd I thought this was fourm for discussion wasnt trying to start shit was to start to figure out a solutions to whats going pn as a team... most of the stuff at the end there just is making u seem like ur fbi on a misson for a cover up lol I didnt know there was private forum but either way like I said im not postin for outcrys its to really help the guild and bring to light what going not sweep it under a rug
  7. iPointblank

    So who all will be playing this?

    Ill deff be rocking cats in this hit me up xbl:vVvPOINTBLANK
  8. iPointblank

    hate to be the 1st to say this

    For the past 2week me and others havnt seen any and most of u on for progressin or anything we been runing alot of ppl threw sliver with out alot of the powerplayer in the guild on or helping but vvv gamin in wildstar is startin to seem like theres only 7 of us on at a time hate to be the 1st to say it but those of u in leader spots arw letting this guild die hard....if something is done asap ur gonna be left with nothin but a guild tag that HAD a bright furture I dnt wanna see this at all hope u guys read this and understand time is runing out l.... time for talk is over and the time for action is now!!! (Wildstarvoice)
  9. iPointblank


    so i started messing with my dps build now for pvp and with pvp gear on i solod both boss mobs in crimson today and have been either killing wars and ss 1vs1 or taking them to 20 to 10 % everytime LONG LIVE THE MEDIC!!
  10. iPointblank

    Group 2

    wooooot woot got 2 sliver runs in the last day IM 3/4 NOW JUST SSM left
  11. iPointblank

    ID like my vVv's back pls =p

    hey guys my name is miguel/ POINTBLANK ive been part of vVv since 2006 when we 1st started i use to run aton of lan tourments for vVv in fla i once ran the biggest tourment 2v2 in fla for gears i pro gamed for gears for alil but became real hardcore with vVv with shadow run pro team i was the captin of vVv globel i dissapeard for awhile because pro gaming was taking up too much time in my life now ive been back gaming on mmos and xboxone with the titanfall team im currently in vVv wildstar in my heart ive never stopd being a vVv member but i want officaly my V's back i hope from u guys i get the vote for the ok =) add me if u guys like on xbox vVv POINTBLANK and in wildstar POINTBLANK see u guys look forward from hearing from u guys
  12. iPointblank

    PATCH DAY! whats that? OOOO SABOTAGE!

    ^^^^^^ IVE BEEN RICK ROLLD!!!
  13. iPointblank

    PATCH DAY! whats that? OOOO SABOTAGE!

    DUDE SAB IS FUCKIN AWSOME!!!!! long but veryyyyy fun and good game play and man if ur wearing pve gear ur gonna get raped.... healing medic got it hard now in pvp no more god modes keeping zergs up u get melted down fast now I NEED BETTER GEAR NOW!!! =p see u guys later ssab has had me up till 7am no sleep =p!!!
  14. iPointblank

    PATCH DAY! whats that? OOOO SABOTAGE!

    lmaooo it really is
  15. iPointblank

    PATCH DAY! whats that? OOOO SABOTAGE!

    IM deff excited for this patch hopefull they fixd some of the bugs with medics...OTHER THEN THAT LET THE BOMB DROPS START!!! .....SABOTAGE!