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    I am 26 year old Husband, Father of 2, U.S. Marine, Gamer. I am a combat vet with 1 tour to Iraq and 1 to Afghanistan. In between deployments and training I spend time with my family and I game. I have a huge passion for video games and anything to do with gaming. I am the gaming generation of our time. I have been a huge fan of the MLG scene since 2008 and began to play gamebattles.com with some friends in early WaW days. Like everyone just wanted to play matches with friends and win a few. Over time I had huge urge to go to the next level and I realized I was a force to reckon with inside the GB Ranks climbing everyday in ranks and taking multiple teams top page season after season. I began to build relationships and become known in the gb community late MW2 days beating guys like robbie vasic, Banish, Organized Confusion, aoD Damage, and more (1st and 2nd gb players ATT). After 5 years of playing GB SnD night after night I achieved a MLG Rank of 700th in the world after a 83 game win streak when MW3 came on the scene along with that i achieved top 128 badges for both mw2 and mw3. Mid BOps2 I achieved a top 500 spot in total wins with close to a 80% winning precentage. I wanted more I wanted to be apart of something I was tired of the nightly grind on gb and I wanted to expand beyond gb and meet new people. Which led me to vVv and what better place to start with eSports than a community like vVv. vVv is probably one of the most versatile communities out there and one of the most well known. As a gamer I know where I stand in world of CoD and eSports and I will strive to maintain it everyday.

    Ways to Earn my endorsment:
    1. Don't ask. I know talent when I see it.
    2. Show me you can add value to the community
    3. Be mature, level headed, and polite to others
    4. Have a positve attitude even in the worse situations

    Ways NOT to:
    1. Lashing out at Members/Applicants about the way they play. (yell at the game all day or yourself, I DO :) Just don't blame other people)
    2. Negative attitude when things aren't going your way.
    3. Being FAKE

    Summary: TACT - a keen sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good relations with others or avoid offense


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  1. Had to pop in and let Dutch know that was a amazing and inspiring video great work!
  2. Sorry to say but I will be resigning from vVv at this time. Work has consumed me as you all might know and with talk on Sierra my job just got a lot more demanding of my time. For the next Year with training and deploying beginning of 2014. I feel my activity among vVv gaming will be little to none. At the point I joined I had time to dedicate and be involved amongst the organization. An for those of you that follow me on twitter you can see im constantly tweeting about being at work, so this comes at no surprise. I've met sooo many awesome people through vVv and love what this organization does and stands for , I have full intentions to reclaim my vVv's one day when I have more time for gaming. I promise you will here of me in the future around eSports post my military career, Look for me!
  3. Damn, really disappointed your stepping down man. One of our strongest players. Goodluck to you my dude dont be a stranger
  4. make sure you check out my other ones youtube.com/avalante
  5. So im really short on time before i have to take off for training again next week and i want to put out another montage before then. So what im asking is if anyone have a sick clip in their theater .. member, applicant, or new to the site .. let me know and ill work it in i have about 4:30 im song i have to fill. READY GO!
  6. Paused

    Hey Everyone!

    lol okay who did we pick up to replace legend?
  7. Paused

    Hey Everyone!

    I haven't been around for like 3 weeks due to work/training! Please update me on all the changes vVv and eSports
  8. I have training in VA from the 24th Apr - 11th Sept. I will see you all when i get back !
  9. I will be away for training from the 16th - 21st. I will see you all on Wednesday next week!
  10. Im from Ohio A small town a hour East of Cincinnati called Manchester. We have 2 redlights and a family dollar and we just got cellphone service like 5 years ago believe it or not I grew up pretty well tho. My entire family from my Dad Brother and my cousins are avid gamers and I've owned every console since the Atari. I now reside in North Carolina the past 6 years and i lived in Maryland for about a year and a half. Thats all
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