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  1. You should add "Koala shitting on Deadaim clips" to this post too
  2. "Koala shitting on Deadaim clips" LAWL
  3. The way specialist picks work I'm pretty sure is that you can only have 1 of each on your team (aka. only one person can run Glitch, one person runs Overdrive, etc.) so they're not completely out, but I don't know if they can be banned out.
  4. They're going to ride wall running in this game more than Halo 2 rid dual-wielding
  5. This is the reason Rainbow Six was great....customization. Players want to feel like they can add as much as they can to THEIR character. Needless to say I'm excited for it, but it sucks that it doesn't carry over from beta.
  6. "Koala, you only got 16 uplinks because you had Body & Sacred on your team" -Deadaim, 2015 **only gets 3 uplinks with Body & Sacred on his team**
  7. Kinetic Armor is the new juggernaut....lol
  8. Nope, haven't gotten it. Well the estimate they received from the supplier on the 24th of July was 10 days...that's 20 days ago...so I was wondering if there were any updates on this? Just curious is all.
  9. The Man O War rips...hopefully they buff/nerf everything accordingly after beta
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