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    all types of games (board, pen and paper RPG, video), good conversations, the world of ideas and beauty in all its forms.

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  1. vVv LordJerith

    Do you have a pet?

    I have a wonderful Miniature Schnauzer named Merlin.
  2. vVv LordJerith

    Looking for people to play with

    It's cool to see some original members on. I need to make time to play on console, as I am mostly on PC.
  3. vVv LordJerith


    Welcome to the site. A lot of esports history is here.
  4. vVv LordJerith

    Looking for people to play with

    How is it? We tried Battlefield V and it was OK. Fallout 76 is eh. and most time is spent in Guild Wars 2 on Sea of Sorrows server.
  5. vVv LordJerith

    vVv MMO Reunion - Neverwinter Online 2018

    I'm playing :-) Expect us in EU on from 1OAM-1PM PST
  6. Founder Packs Available Now in Total War: ARENA! | Latest News | Total War: ARENA https://t.co/i7IwgG7pfX

  7. Proud to be the 722nd backer on @BackerKit for Invisible Sun | Thx @MonteCookGames! https://t.co/YbvThyddYV

  8. Inside https://t.co/VLsvpU2zFl and Games That Conquered the World https://t.co/22iQ1x7SaT via @RollingStone

  9. Police photo shows wreckage 'from crash which killed Call of Duty sensation' https://t.co/CHFByDjRvY

  10. RT @Papapishu: My HTC Vive review: 1. Good immersion 2. Comfortable headset 3. Not invented by an obscenely rich pissbaby edgelord

  11. Wargaming Promotes Cyprus as an Employment Destination https://t.co/WolHzYoSkk

  12. Gamescom 2016 report: Curse Voice, Whipper, Taleworlds Entertainment https://t.co/ciFbW3Tzhg via @thncom

  13. Fascinating: Why won't 541,000 young Japanese leave the house? @CNNI https://t.co/sm56n37wbM

  14. I think Sean's post was pretty awesome. vVv Gaming. Say it out loud. vVv Gaming. vVv. For years, it was part of my everyday life, and I miss it. I want to say the right words to inspire you to action. I have seen a period of a lot of pointing at problems. That's OK, but not enough people taking ownership to fix the problems. I think those that have left are saying, "It's not fun anymore." It's loud and clear. Until we have young talent in sufficient numbers who want to evolve vVv, it can only limp along. I do believVve some people will feel the pull to come back and evolve it. No sure when or who, but they will. Everyday I used to ask myself, what will make vVv better? Are we creating awesome experiences for our community? Do they feel they are part of something greater than themselves? This place launched my career into games. It did the same for Rob, Nick, Jason, Jordan and Josh (there a few more I'm missing). The opportunity awaits those who want to do something extraordinary. When I saw vVv Perilous' father had passed away on Facebook, I also noticed how many vVv members past and present poured out love and support. vVv will never die. It may not be what it was, but it's always there. The tools and framework are here for those who want to do something awesome. I miss you all deeply.
  15. Subnautica Prawn Update - via @subnautica https://t.co/JRdzQ6qRn3