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  1. The number of colors will make it hard to stand out against any in-brand background that isn't white. When I look at it on a black background, it loses a lot.
  2. Happy Birthday man!

  3. The designer will do one more version, but I need to give him feedback. Before I give him suggestions, what direction would you like to go? Any favorites?
  4. I agree with thining, Some other ideas for a whole new direction: A wire that leads to the silhouette of a community with vVv gaming logo embedded in Saturn's ring surrounding the community Something more Gold Club like this: https://pinevalleycountryclub.com/ A wire that leads to a diverse group of figures gaming with a vVv logo around them or on their shirts? Something wild like 3 old men pissing on a copy of an FPS game wearing vVv shirts
  5. I want to start by saying that we will change the logo. I think every logo change has resistance, and I appreciate that we won't make everyone happy. I am happy to those of you leaving constructive feedback, and I like the way it's moving. We'll get the original design files from the company since we have reached our maximum number of revisions, and ask @vVv Pherzghul if he'll make the final edits (maybe with and without the shield). Again, to those of you who said you like the old one, I hear you. Unfortunately, we have decided to change the logo, and your input to make it better is always welcome, but there is no need to ask for the old one anymore. Rock on! More good stuff to follow,
  6. Storm Javelin here! Only Level 12 but liking it so far.
  7. Get your ass in gear in tubby! You've gotten soft in your old age.
  8. Fully support this! Welcome back and do awesome things!
  9. I have a wonderful Miniature Schnauzer named Merlin.
  10. It's cool to see some original members on. I need to make time to play on console, as I am mostly on PC.
  11. Welcome to the site. A lot of esports history is here.
  12. How is it? We tried Battlefield V and it was OK. Fallout 76 is eh. and most time is spent in Guild Wars 2 on Sea of Sorrows server.
  13. I'm playing :-) Expect us in EU on from 1OAM-1PM PST
  14. Founder Packs Available Now in Total War: ARENA! | Latest News | Total War: ARENA https://t.co/i7IwgG7pfX

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