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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Jerry.
  2. While your at it, write him another letter, tell him to give Polira his money back, to reinstate Socom II On the ladders and make GB an independent site like I used to enjoy playing on. Very good read though, the points made were direct and I think he'll enjoy reading them.
  3. Burfy

    Sponsor Promotions

    I've been on GB for 6 years, and I can honestly say, he was one terrible moderator. My opinion. Good luck anyway.
  4. So the counterstrike series in general? Cool beans.
  5. Good write-up considering, are you familiar with the EU PC scene Mini?
  6. In some cases, PS3 rosters are bigger than the 360/PC rosters.
  7. Burfy

    Relinquish vVv App

    Nice app, although it'd be extremely hard for you to get top 3 at all the LAN's for GH in the EU. I could name at least 3 others in the EU who'd come top 3. There are very few too.
  8. One of the best pickups ever done in the EU as a whole. N1 LJ!
  9. Quick Q, have you played and beaten either of the eMpathy boys @ LAN yet?
  10. Uh when were you in pX and Infused? and who was in your teams?
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