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  1. Good luck man you seemed like a cool cat when i was in TS hope all goes well
  2. But this is the best advice one can give. Just don't die.
  3. T8 Getting destroyed by a Maokai player that actually knows what to build (cough Dyrus). Now onto TiP which I thought were going to be a lot weaker but Rush still looking strong as ever and they pulled Adrian back onto support with gate who did good mid. Going to be an interesting game but still rooting for that #TLWIN.
  4. Very well written and can't wait for the start of ADL again.
  5. Can't wait to get and def worth the wait
  6. TL will beat T8 and RiP. TiP Is going to be in trouble the end of this split with xiao wei xiao being suspended, and them not having Adrian, and I don't think Rush is going to be able to carry like usual because of it. And T8 because T8.
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