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    I play soccer. I am also in band and I play the French Horn. Other than that I love playing Competitive CoD.
  1. I have a couple of answers for those vVv will grow more because it will add more of a new part for the community. Another lets say division for fighting games. We could introduce FGC to other sources like Twitter or Facebook to bring more to the community. They will be kept here by none other than the members themselves that will interact with them and have similar taste as them. We have at least a couple of members that have this like Bullet or Rapture that can build the division and start the applications like myself.
  2. Im down to hit up a couple of games wih some members. Im not the greatest but not the worst aswell
  3. I am in love with this game! Hopefully this game gets more credits than it is getting at the moment
  4. This game is awesome! Starting to think its the best fighting game ever!
  5. JoKaa

    JoKaa: vVv Application

    Weekends I think is the best time! Im on all day on weekends
  6. JoKaa

    JoKaa: vVv Application

    Ive played some games with Tacklez today and some with Zodyak a couple days ago.
  7. Which character do you guys think will be your main based on movies, comics, etc...?
  8. Been fan of fighting games like Tekken where my gaming career began. Definitely not gonna miss this. Jokaa GT: FoD JoKaa Xbox
  9. JoKaa

    JoKaa: vVv Application

    I have Mumble and ive been playing LoL for quite a while but im only level 16. I play with the Community members ever now and then but just get the endorsement haha but its all good. Because I am really busy with school I rarely get on weekdays but always on weekends.
  10. JoKaa

    JoKaa: vVv Application

    Alright Medusa thanks for letting me know!
  11. JoKaa

    JoKaa: vVv Application

    It was fun playing at least one game last with @vVv MikEvil cause he team killed me about 3 to 4 times haha
  12. JoKaa

    JoKaa: vVv Application

    Sadly, I can only play xbox on weekends as I got school on weekdays, but im always on on weekends. I'm trying to get a hold on every vVv member online. Also, I went to Dallas on Friday and on Saturday afternoon had to leave on sunday so didn't get to watch that.
  13. I remember I elbowed the guy right next to me when I was watching this in Dallas haha
  14. JoKaa

    JoKaa: vVv Application

    Just hit me up on xbox for a couple games guy GT is FoD JoKaa
  15. JoKaa

    Icn for THIS Saturday.

    Hey man im down hmu my iCn name is ianosa21