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  1. Anybody reading this, we got off on the wrong foot. Allow me to start over FRESH. Agree?

  2. New GT : Saltem. Means "Triggers" in Latin.

  3. Tips on how to get Endorsements.
  4. Try Again or Leave is thou Question?

  5. farewell.

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    2. Affuriousity


      yeah, everybody hates me for some reason.

    3. Papabear


      the fuck?? lame

    4. Affuriousity


      just kidding, I don't think I tried hard enough.

  6. Matter, I'm trying. My pic will be uploaded soon.
  7. Updated my Application. As days go by I will be updating my application as far.
  8. Welcome Mr Chavo! Good luck!
  9. Best of luck to you man & welcome.
  10. Welcome to the vVv Forums & Best of luck to you on your Application process.
  11. Good luck as 3rd times the charm.
  12. Love your GFX's. I'm into that kind of stuff, but i'm still taking classes. Good luck bro!
  13. Welcome to vVv Gaming & Good luck with your App.
  14. Good to see you, good luck on your Application process.
  15. Good luck & Welcome back.
  16. Welcome & Good Luck man.
  17. Welcome & Best of Luck on your Application process.
  18. If I have to re-apply 100 times I will. I want to be here, and I know I have to EARN that. vVv Forever!
  19. If I have to re-Apply 100 times, I will. I REALLY WANT TO BE HERE in vVv!

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